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Microsoft aims at Yahoo!

Microsoft announced it offered to buy Yahoo! for $45 billion, and the search industry is going nuts covering it. Truth is, it’s just a press release describing an offer. We are far far away from Microsoft the corporation being able to buy Yahoo! Even if it were possible (and I don’t think it is), there are so many good questions to be asked which are very difficult to answer.

I titled this “Microsoft Aims at Yahoo!” because it seems Microsoft is aiming a weapon at Yahoo!

The Microsoft Way and Yahoo! Life! are sooooo incompatible. The Yahoo! Life thing is hurting right now, and the Microsoft Machine is not and probably never will. Yahoo! is challenged by Facebook, MySpace, and just about every trendy upcomer every single day. They have to buy stuff just to stay in the game, and they haven’t even been able to integrate the stuff they bought already. Frenetic life…. crash is likely. But Microsoft? It’s like the old mainframe IBM. Slow and steady wins the race completes the race; they won the desktop– does it really matter if they never actually win anything again? Nope.

The big winner in all this is Google. Yahoo! is in play, adding to the turmoil that is the Yahoo Frenzy. Another 5 years or so of room to breath for Google to cement its monopoly. How long before the Chinese make an offer? Or the Japanese? Long Live King Google, like it or not. Unless, of course, Microsoft decides to use Yahoo! and its desktop monopoly to kill Google.

Update: There you go: Silicon Valley Recruiters Zero In On Yahoo Employees

Update: And the Chinese are speaking up, but it’s from the other side: they don’t want Microsoft to own Alibaba (39% owned by Yahoo!). How long before we see a Chinese group try and  get that back or better, control Yahoo!?