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Live Blogging the Moniker Domain Auction

This post will be a live blog, updated every few minutes with additional content as we go… just for fun. AffiliateSummit 2008 in Las Vegas.

Monte has done his homework, and is prodding the audience with insider knowledge of the affiliate game as he can. had little interest, and Monte started chiding the “ticket affiliates” for not considering the potential for that domain. He was right, but it didn’t sell.

Real Estate name at $1,750 .. SOLD for $2,250. Again, not a bad sale for the seller. is now at $85k having been bid to $75 but that wasn’t enough to cover the reserve. Now… $15,000 in the room..didn’t sell. auctioneer says it’s a GREAT name, but I don’t see it. $1750 SOLD on the Internet. thrid and final call for $3000 not sold. is up. Again, I don’t see the value but I am not in that market (whatever market that is)… someone likes it for $3500 didn’t sell.… starts at $500 in the room, sold for $1,750. Again, a nice return for the registrant if obtained at reg fee. went for $1000 – another one I don’t get. is at $1,250 already…now $1,500 via Internet. SOLD. Someone wanted it. is an obvious paid inclusion directory domain. Bid up $600 and SOLD. is interesting.. gets 95,000 uniques per year and earns $21,000 per year in affiliate income. I’m guessing that is as a parked page, because that is WAY low for affiliate incom ein the adult market. Closed bidding at $150,000 because the reserve was up around $175,000. is a pretty domain.. now at $165,000… $180,000 comes in from Internet…SOLD for $180,000. I look forwards to seeing what goes up there or if it was to hold as an asset. is up.. that’s a generic and probably pretty good. What’s it worth at an affiliate auction? At $1,750 already, now $2750. Up to $4k already. Very fast bidding… thi smust be a CJ match (haha). At $5,250 and $5,500… not sur eI’d go that high. Someone wants it at $6,250 and “the Internet” like sit at $6500…. wow.. at $8,000 (that’s a lot of candles). Would you believe $9,250? hpw about SOLD for $22,000. Wow. is another good directory name, SOLD for $5,500. I think that’s a pretty high price for an affiliate name, so I’d gues sit’s a generic plural being bought as a domain asset. didn’t sell with a $6,000 bid and neither did at $15,000. It’s 4:30 and the crowd in the back has thinned considerably. I count 54 people in the room at this point.