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AdSense Alternatives – Alternatives to Google AdSense

AdSense Alternatives – Alternatives to Google AdSense

I thought it might be interesting to look at AdSense Alternatives, to see options are available for monetization other than Google’s AdSense contextual advertising program.

Let’s go to the SERP for “adsense alternatives” and see what the top 10 ranking sites are using for monetization:

#1 Web page for AdSense Alternatives: An old ThreadWatch post which hijacked a list of AdSense Alternatives from (which, like ThreadWatch, is now dead). ThreadWatch was notoriously difficult to monetize, as the audience didn’t like to click AdSense ads.

#2 Web page for AdSense Alternatives: RossWalker is a site apparently dedicated to affiliate links to Clicksor, and it is heavily plastered with Clicksor ad segments (at least 7 sets of Clicksor ads on the home page alone, not counting text affiliate referring links). The site notes “The descriptions are based on personal experience and do represent any form of endorsement.”
I’m not sure Ross Walker purposefully left out the “not” part of that disclaimer…the part that would actually make it a disclaimer…but I can guess why Ross Walker is not in the Google AdSense program any more.

#3 Web page for AdSense Alternatives: The Affiliate Business Opportunities blog from the Weblog Network, listing 39 alternatives to Google AdSense. Again, it is a hijack of a list, which is referenced to Affiliate Classroom, where the same list appears but without outlinks. ( In turn it cites an original source at NetProfits Today site To save you the hassles, I’ll reproduce the list here: (just kidding!)

#4 Web page for AdSense Alternatives: The domain “”, which is monetized with Yahoo ads. Oh, and he’s selling links for $10/year, right up front and center. I suppose we can guess why he’s not in the Google program (any more?).

#5 Web page for AdSense Alternatives: A Seth Godin spam page, with just two sentences from Seth, followed by a dozen or so spammy, link-housing comments attached. They are no-followed, but they have crafted anchor text so it seems like someone’s paying too much attention to keywords in comments on that page. The landing page promotes a advertising portal, which bills itself as an alternative to AdSense, although I see AdSense prominent on its pages.

#6 Web page for AdSense Alternatives: A completely empty page entitled “AdSense Alternatives”, with h tag “AdSense Alternatives”, and.. you guessed it… 3 Google AdSense blocks. That’s it… just breadcrumbs to Articles/Articles/Make Money and a page with left navigation and Google AdSense, Google AdSense, and Google AdSense. Gotta love the web, eh?

#7 Web page for AdSense Alternatives: A Sales Pitch Page for “AdSense Alternatives”, a Make Money Online program from a good looking young guy named Ben. It’s only $27, and comes with a bunch of bonuses (if you act now). I bet that’s a better monetization method than AdSense. The domain is a close match also…

The last 3 of the Top Ten were splog-like, and they all have Google AdSense ads front and center.

I think we’ve done enough research on AdSense Alternatives for today. It’s a non-competitive organic search term, closely matching user intent to find some new way to monetize web pages and apparently a popular search for those dropped from the Google AdSense program. Doesn’t look like there is much of an answer to the question, though. So, if YOU have an alternative to AdSense for all the people looking for one, let us know here in the comments. Yes I am aware of the impending irony… I can only imagine how much those “adsense alternative” clicks are going for in AdSense right now.


  1. Todd Mintz wrote:

    Nice…keyword density (cough, cough).

    @Todd: Actually, that is natural writing. Yes, I wanted to go back and edit the list items *after the fact* because it seemed to repeat “AdSense Alternatives”  too much, but then I resisted because that would be letting Google change my writing for fear of appearing to be spammy.

    Monday, March 3, 2008 at 8:48 am | Permalink
  2. Honestly I wish there was a good alternative, but I have not found one. Maybe because I have not tried enough, or maybe because I’m a supposed n00b, but AdSense seems to have the highest payout. It is most likely due to large corporations with tons of ad dollars flooding online marketing and jacking up the prices for competitive keywords. On a finance blog I manage clicks are sometimes worth $1.50, I can only imagine what the advertiser had to pay.

    @WhateverYourRealNameIs:  AdSense is good for what it is  designed to be: a contextual ad program with built in performance tracking. If your site coverage is broad, AdSense makes sense because Google parses well and measures intent and “stretches” to find performance opportunities for ads… all at a relatively low cost. The people looking for alternatives to AdSense because they have been dropped, experience that – AdSense was better than others. But publishers looking to build monetizable media should look beyond AdSense. Of the “alternatives to AdSense” commonly discussed, most are simply copycats.

    Monday, March 3, 2008 at 10:38 am | Permalink
  3. name: Alex

    I found the best thing to monetize is to find the right combinations of CPM, CPC, and affiliates. For example a website that gets a lot of page views you may want to find a CPM network, a website where people are looking for specific products may be better served to have both CPC and affiliate links.

    Monday, March 3, 2008 at 1:23 pm | Permalink
  4. joe wrote:

    Let me first drop a link (i am affiliated with the site) for anyone in the wholesale niche looking for an Adsense alternative. – all wholesalers in this feed and a good payday

    In any event, adsense alternatives are all about the niche. I saw a guy today discussing the fact that he was getting $1.50 epc on financial keywords from Peakclick. Peakclick is pretty, shall we say, indiscriminate in what kind of traffic they allow and quite a few blackhats use it (in part because it had a module included with rssgm) and I think they mostly pay a good deal less than that. But, 1.50/click is pretty good! You have to measure and test…your contextual ad payouts are going to be based on competition. Competition in second tier and lower search advertising is going to be driven by smart account executives who raise competitive instincts to a high pitch. Since the number of smart executives is decidedly finite, but certainly distributed, there will be high paying pockets of keywords for almost any adsense alternative.

    The biggest problem from a publisher’s point of view s that there are too many niche search engines and other CPC sites that do a great job of collecting niche advertisers but then don’t offer an effective distribution method akin to adsense. It is very frustrating to find these “walled gardens” specialty sites and then after a site search and an email discover that you can’t put this inventory to use.

    Tuesday, March 4, 2008 at 3:25 pm | Permalink