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Silverlight and Social Media – who did this one?

Silverlight Silverlight Silverlight the New Microsoft Silverlight blah blah blah. I’m a FireFox user, I Browse Happy, Flash is Cool and whatever silverlight is, I won’t really know much about it for like EVER, mmmmmkay? No reason Mr. Bean. Doesn’t Matter. Nope.

But I’d really like to see cool smoke animation rendering….I often gaze at the smoke curls from my incense stick, mesmerized by what casual observers say is random but I know is a result of subtle micro wind drafts, minute variations in resin formulation within the (of course stick-less) incense, and the heat of the burn relative to the radiated heat of my monitor, my computer, and my body.

Smoke curls and whisps and trails are WAY-cool, and I will stop EVERYTHING to see “real time rendering of smoke animation“. Especially if it’s from a Tech presentation.

And the landing page for my curious click thru is…. a rather bland promo paragraph about the topic, on a rather bland “blog”, and of course a video panel with the directions

By clicking Get Microsoft Silverlight you accept the licensing agreement. Silverlight updates automatically. When installation is complete, restart your browser to activate your Silverlight content“.

Social Media. Buzz distribution. I wonder if any of the “rock starz” of Social Media were behind this attempt, or is it just a normal part of tech marketing already?

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