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Buzz Marketing chases Kids; Commercial Alert chases Buzz Marketing

Harper Collins’ Press Release describes Tina Wells, CEO of Buzz Marketing, this way:

Tina Wells founded the Buzz Marketing Group, an innovative for-youth-by-youth marketing agency when she was 16. With more than a decade of marketing experience under her belt, and a network of over 9,000 teen consultants (“buzzSpotters(TM)”) worldwide, Tina now joins HarperCollins Publishers to open up a new world of multimedia publishing to tweens using traditional and non-traditional marketing strategies.

Commercial Alert, a pro-consumer and pro-children advocacy group modeled after the success of Ralph Nadar as consumer advocate, describes Tina Well’s new collaboration with Harper Collins this way (emphasis added):

Although touted by the publisher for teaching kids about protecting the environment and promoting global understanding, the Mackenzie Blue series actually aims to be a vehicle for delivering commercial messages, through product-placement hidden advertisements, product tie-ins, and affiliated multi-media corporate sponsorships. The author of the series, Tina Wells, is chief executive of Buzz Marketing Group, which specializes in marketing to children and adolescents. Book publishers should not be exploiting children for commercial gain. Books should educate and entertain children – not encourage them to buy a particular brand of shoe or soft drink.

The press release is here.

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