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Flock Feed Reader – why redirect to FeedBurner?

A friend just asked about getting up to speed with RSS and I sighed. What to suggest… Bloglines is so slow, I’m enjoying Earthlink’s new Feedreader but it’s…well, it’s Earthlink. So why not just put him onto Flock so he can enjoy what a modern browser feels like, and use it for feeds as well? Good idea.

I’ve been with Flock since the beginning, and was awed by the marketing behind it, and wondered about the business model. That was a year ago, and lately it gets a lot more play time on my computer than Google’s browser FireFox. I still need FF for some of the extensions, but Flock is killer for it’s blog management tools, speed, and trouble-free js/java handling. I don’t know too much about what goes on behind the scenes with Java and complicated javascript screen maniuplation stuff (like fading menus and such) but I do know that my FireFox crashes way too often, and can’t do Hushmail. The current Flock has been a dream to use.

For feeds in Flock just click an RSS icon and bingo.. Flock parses the feed into an HTML page *and* provides a left side column for subscribing. A feed reader in the browser. NICE. Firefox (current release) doesn’t know the feed: protocol. I’ve been redirecting to feedburner to give webified feeds to visitors and to facilitate the transition to syndicated reading, but if more people would adopt modern browsers like Flock (heh heh) I wouldn’t need to hand my traffic over to that third party commercial entity.

Yes, I know the next Firefox has all the greatest features and more, and Flock is better at getting them out to the world, etc etc. whatever. I leave that stuff to the ubergeeks that download the nightlies and such. I just need a browser that works and Flock works for me right now.


  1. don loeb wrote:


    i work at feedburner…we’re excited that browswers are making it easier for people to subscribe to RSS. anything that helps bring RSS to the masses is a good thing. yes, we provide a browser friendly version of feeds for publishers, but it’s not our focus. we provide a suite of value-added services for publishers that allow you to (1) measure your audience (subscribers, reach, pvs, clicks, etc.), (2) optimize your feed (insert metadata, transform feeds, add webservices (digg this, add to delicious, etc.)), (3) promote your feed (pinging, javascript and animated gif shareable widgets, email newsletters, etc.), and (4) monetize your feed and site (we share revenue with publishers that opt-in to our advertising network.

    hopefully, you will try out these services and remain a customer. ping me anytime with questions or thoughts. thanks..don

    Thursday, July 20, 2006 at 1:48 pm | Permalink
  2. John Andrews wrote:

    Okay so there you have it! Thanks Don, now I have some reasons why to use Feedburner:

    >track feed subscribers automagically (lyes, this is good)
    >track other data about subscriber’s use ($)
    >insert metadata into the feed ($)
    >promote the feed ($)
    >monetize the feed via revenue sharing (if you wants ads)
    >animated gifs

    I shall take a closer look at these, although I am pretty sure I will pass on the animated gifs. I also note there is a feed troubleshooter, which reports on feedburner’s ability to read your feed. On my DreamHost account, that’s a busy place (not havingmuch luck with Dreamhost these days…)

    Thursday, July 20, 2006 at 2:07 pm | Permalink