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First to 300 Sphinns: Thank You Bionic Sphinners!

Note: A few days ago, after proclaiming for many months that paid links are not allowed and arguing what does and does not constitute “payment” for links, Google has finally cleared up the confusion around the use of the nofollow attribute by publishing a living demonstration of the right way to barter direct back links. Using the very popular Google Webmaster blog as an example (which has a very high page rank), Google demonstrated the proper way to use direct backlinks, without nofollow, in reciprocity. Quid pro quo.. this for that… direct back links as a reward for participation.

And so, in the Spirit of Google’s example, keeping in line with the living example of correctness, I hereby thank my loyal Sphinners who pushed my post over 300 Sphinns at the search marketing community

Thank You (with links) Bionic Sphinners

Setting up and running a website is getting easier and easier, and it’s wonderful to see so many new webmasters sharing their voices with the world! For you as a webmaster it’s pretty easy going… until you run into an issue that you just can’t seem to solve on your own. Maybe some technical issues were flagged in your Webmaster Tools account; maybe you’re just trying to get your robots.txt to block a certain part of your site; or maybe someone reported that they got a virus while visiting your site (gasp!) maybe you want to get a ton of Sphinns on a post to make the Greatest Hits list. All of these issues can come up and sometimes it’s helpful to have a helping hand when diagnosing and solving it.

Our Google Webmaster Help Group Our Sphinn community is a great place to get help. There are many webmasters active in our group, friendly and ready to help others, often with first-hand experience. They can show you what might be wrong, show you how you can find answers in the future, and point you towards a solution that you’ll be able to use. They Sphinn your posts!

Just recently a webmaster came into the groups with a website that was having strange problems in need of more attention. Less than 20 minutes later, one of our dedicated members replied and pointed the webmaster to hidden content that was placed on their site by someone else Sphunn the post! Finding that Being ignored is bad enough; but not getting Sphunn finding it is even more frustrating.

While there are lots of helpful people in our groups, we have some that really stand out as being exceptionally active, helpful, competent and friendly. They volunteer time and energy to help build a great community and to help webmasters all around the world. In order to more publicly recognize their contributions, we’re calling them our Bionic Posters Sphinners. We want to highlight their outstanding efforts and thank them for the sound advice Sphinns they’ve offered to so many.

We wanted to take a minute and send a shout out to our Bionic PostersSphinners:

0thelisa 97thfloor abbazi81 abhilash Aboutbruyns
adam AdamCarson aerobe agito aglobalwarming aimClear
akrone alex alex365 alexorella alexupstream aleyda
algoholic amberturrill AmyGreer AndreyMilyan AndyBeard
ArcticNorth artyone askablogger AtomBoyz Aussiewebmaster AutomotiveSEO
avi AVIVA Directory B10G baiduyou beammeup benbicais
BenWilks bhartzer Bill15 billse billslawski bloggero
BrendanPicha BrettFromTibet bsaric Burgo bwelford
Calamier CameronOlthuis casieg centernetworks chickenhole Chris1
ciaran cisco claireschoen cmiddlebrook cmswebsiteservices ColinCochrane
controltheweb coolice crashingflwrgrl cre8pc cselorio Cumbrowski
CWI dailymoolah Dan DandyAndy24 danieldessinger Danny Sullivan
danperry DariaGoetsch darwix DaveDavis davidgrant55 DavidWallace
DazzlinDonna Dave Bascom dedmond29 demerzel Derick discuit
dlarson104 DLPerry DoshDosh Doubleohd dougs123 dreras
DutchBlogger Eloi EmergenceMedia EmmaJones erazem EricLander
erik EstebanPanzera Tiptopweb Articles Directory fantomaster FetalMinds flogo
floppy fskipper gabs Gamermk georgiecasey GiorgosK
graywolf gronk gyutae hagiohost HamletBatista HawaiiSEO
HayMeadows Hobo howtoknowme illumini IncrediBILL inkodeR
isaSuperstar jackvorety jahsymon JamesDunn JamesOmdahl jandrew07
jaybol JDA jdevalk Jeeb90 JeffHinds Jeremy
JeremyLuebke jfhscribbles jimmyfloyd jkbright jmaulson JohnMu
JohnWeb Kalena KangoTraveler KarlRibas kelvinnewman kenhvm
kevgibbo KevinNewcomb kimber kiru4 konvictcollin kpraveenkumars
leadegroot LightingSEM lizblaze Lodispoto lorenbaker Lotus21 LucidClicks
LukeRegan Lyndon macewan majorbta mandat ManishPandey
MariosAlexandrou Marketing MarketingGuy martinbowling MattKeegan MattMcGee
MattSawyer mayobrains mbeharry mckennagene Mel66 mellonstock
Mendax Mert mhuggins michaelnew20 mjesales mktgrl
mnotman17 MrJavodotCom Musa must Naoise NatashaRobinson
nathanholman navdigital neelakantha neelakanthap neil nejron
neyne nichenet NickWilsdon nickycakes Nicole NNCA
nolimitdomains oggin OliverTaco OnlineMarketer PaFinder patrickaltoft
PaulHancox penbeatssword peterdavanzo phaithful planecrazy PPCblogger
pratt Purposeinc Ramkarthik randfish rdash Rhea
Rich roberrific robwatts RoomForMeToo ruchirkc RuZ
Rynert sailman salinawyldcat sammy sarahdeh84 ScottFish
seanmag SearchBuzz searchcommander Sebastian SEMaven seo.magnet
SEOdisco seoforgoogle SEOHonolulu SEOinSeattle SEOish SEOpranos seosuresh
seoz87 Sergi SexySEO sheppy shor Silver
simo SimonHeseltine SisterSledge Skitzzo snipergrunge socialmedia
sorenj soz spatiallyrelevant sphinn007 sphinndr sphinnthis
SpostareDuro squishee steaprok stefanjuhl streko stutofts
sunaren2001 sunpost sussane Syzlak TannerC techustle
textahead TheMadHat thinkingserious TimDineen tinkerbellchime tobyism
toddemaus toddmintz tonyruscoe toprank totentando traduzione
TrafficGuru TreatInfamy tubalusa turnkeywebsites uebersetzer ukdaz
UtahSEOpro vanessafox vbin vikramprashant ViperChill Virginia
webconnoisseur webprofessor webuildpages wheel whiteknightpro Wiep
willcritchlow wolftrust worstellr yeepage yourseomentor zacharyfox

Thank you all for helping to make the Webmaster Help post such a success!

Note: It will take some time to get everyone listed, so you can either be patient or post a comment with your details, matching your Sphinn credentials above.


  1. Burgo wrote:

    Ha! Classic juxtaposition John… proud to have been a part of that :)

    Sunday, March 30, 2008 at 7:29 pm | Permalink
  2. My details are at the link. Nice one on the big 300.

    Monday, March 31, 2008 at 1:27 am | Permalink
  3. Demerzel wrote:

    Oh what hath you unleashed Google?

    I do wonder whether they will be hearing an earful soon from Matt… although hard to imagine him having an angry-esque face.

    Monday, March 31, 2008 at 1:32 pm | Permalink
  4. So… I completely forgot why I had your site open, and I was just reading along … and THEN I saw that you linked to me ^.^ What a pleasant surprise to forget that I was doing backlink research and see you linking to me – yay!

    Blame it on blogger ADD… lol

    Sunday, April 6, 2008 at 9:28 pm | Permalink
  5. seo nz wrote:

    Cheers bro nailed: It is better to give than to receive.

    And congrats on the success of the well executed campaign.


    Monday, April 7, 2008 at 7:22 pm | Permalink
  6. As an SEO noob I just joined the Sphinn community as recommended by my friend (inkodeR) and I am learning rapidly thanks to all the great articles posted. I have decided to re-design my webiste and cannot believe how little my programmers knew about SEO!
    Thankfully with the advice from inkodeR and the sphinn community it is looking like the new site is going to be far easier to rank.
    I never thought about how important SEO is, and now I sell it to anyone who has or is building a website. Glad and honoured to be part of your community.

    Thanks, James

    Monday, April 7, 2008 at 7:47 pm | Permalink
  7. Streko wrote:

    Thanks for the link. I will drink tonight in the honor of this great achievement!

    Tuesday, April 15, 2008 at 9:18 am | Permalink
  8. Steaprok wrote:

    Right on, thats great! =) BTW, site details in name


    Sunday, April 20, 2008 at 6:32 pm | Permalink