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SEO Humor

From, translation courtesy of Google:

Yesterday in Pervoprestolnoy on art. Domodedovskaya metro after drinking for a couple of FlyAway juice, the body clearly alluded to the need to go in the toilet. Upon noticing the corresponding index on the wall in the form of tablets, brain machine has issued the full phrase is “a direct reference to the text toilet.” Then, laughing long, discussing with Andre, looked like in the real world redirecting similar link.

Another great domain name idea that didn’t turn out quite as splendid as imagined?

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One Response to “SEO Humor”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Lost a WHOLE lot in the translation… reminds me of the ‘English’ menus in remote eastern European villages. You can understand each word in a description but together they mean NOTHING. It reminds me also how a native American language accommodates ‘tire tracks’ into its language by describing them with their word for ‘wrinkled feet.’

    Despite the url, they won’t be competing with your own brand of seo humor anytime soon!