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Google Update April 2008

It’s still a “Google Dance” if you watch the datacenters, and confirm the update process with additional evidence such as new sites not getting included for a few to several days prior, despite indexing, as if the queue was backing up so the update could propagate. Also watch the international traffic referrals. They provide early clues.

After all these years it seems Matt has accomplished his coup d’état of the update naming process. This one’s Dewey, whether Matt intended to name it or not. It’s still underway… and might be the result of infrastructure changes or software changes, but things they are a shiftin’.

If you’re waiting on a new site to appear and rank, or have been enjoying the spoils of a questionably-deserved #1 ranking for a long time, best of luck to you.

Addendum: I’ve seen some reference to the Dewey / Truman race in the webmaster forums. Please, if you’re going to read into Matt’s choice of name for this “Google Wierdness”, remember Matt studied Library Science. John Dewey comes to mind… Dewey Decimal system, Instrumentalism, etc.

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  1. People are thinking maybe from Microsoft’s Ms. Dewey campaign… :)

    @barry: that’d be this one

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