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Google Custom Search lets admins control site search

Breaking news: “Google lets admins control site search”.

On a modest but significant scale, Google is sharing with its customers some of the control it wields over the search market.

Via Techmeme, as published on CNET:

As countless search-engine-optimization consultants can attest, Google maintains tight control over the parameters that rank the results of Internet searches. Google’s power can be terrific for those who come out on top and a torment for those who rank lower.

But expectations are different for a Google service that lets Web site operators pay to use the company’s search technology on their own properties. For those customers, Google now is sharing some control over the knobs and levers that govern search results.

Google launched the service in July under the name Custom Search Business Edition and expanded internationally in November. Now it’s got the more palatable name Google Site Search, said Nitin Mangtani, product manager for enterprise and small-business search at Google.

It’s all about Google’s Custom Search Busines Edition, but the reporting is really about getting CNET and Techmeme traffic, eh?

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One Response to “Google Custom Search lets admins control site search”

  1. aaron wall Says:

    I think it was about once again announcing that you can’t spam in spite of this additional great Google product.