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Google: All You Need to Succeed

First, you scrape someone else’s content, like this:

Matt Cutts made an appearance today at the Domain Roundtable conference. Matt started things off with a few introductory comments, then spent most of the time answering questions from the audience and from questions that people sent in ahead of time. Here are the highlights of what he discussed…

Then, you run it through a translator to some other language. You used to have to pay a company to use their translation tools, but they went out of business because Google now offers it for free. As output, you end up with “new”, unique content in that other language, such as this:

Matt Cutts tehnyt ulkoasun tänään Domain pyöreän pöydän konferenssissa. Matt alkoi asioita pois muutaman johdantokappale kommentteja, sitten viettänyt suurimman osan aikaa vastaamalla kysymyksiin yleisölle ja kysymyksiä, että ihmiset lähetetään ajoin. Here are the korostaa sitä, mitä hän keskusteli

Then, translate that back into English. Publish the result as “new” content on the web. It might not be technically new content, but it’s certainly unique:

Matt Cutts prefabricated an attendance today at the Domain Roundtable conference. Matt started things soured with a whatever preceding comments, then spent most of the instance responsive questions from the word and from questions that grouping dispatched in aweigh of time. Here are the highlights of what he discussed

And once it’s indexed and draws traffic from… Google.. put Google ads on it so Google can pay you. Just like at seo-mark***

Google won’t give you all of the advertising revenue, because after all they do have to pay for that free translating, but they’ll give you some nickels. You really didn’t do any work so something is better than nothing, right? If you need more nickels, you can just scrape more content.

Google… all you need to succeed on the web.

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2 Responses to “Google: All You Need to Succeed”

  1. Jeremy Luebke Says:

    As with any industry, as it grows it consolidates. No difference for black hat SEO. I remember way back in the day altavista and babelfish being used to do the same thing. If only Altavista would have been smart enough to actually profit off of it all, maybe they wouldn’t have needed to sell out and go bye bye.

  2. Tsatkin Says:

    I never realized how rampant scraped info was until I started to run into problems with vista. Somehow the same damn thread would appear on like 10 different forums. End result could not find the fix I was looking for.

    On a side note I have been trying the straight and narrow for some time, and I am slowly starting to think it is time to invest in learning some black hat techniques.