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Good comment on community building

In an age when most major media outlets are providing outrage-of-the-hour content, one should not be surprised that the community built around that is also comprised of illogical, emotionally charged drivel flavored with a smattering of generally useless regurgitated trivia posing as genuine information.

Reminds me of a few online communities I know and used to like.

Attribution note: That was a comment posted by “Bunny” (no web address) in a discussion of the importance of community for media. Too bad the hosting website didn’t allow back links for commenters, because if they did I could credit the source. Since the comments belong to the commenter (and not the site), I see no need to link to the site that hosted the comment, and since they don’t allow out links, I choose not to offer one back. The article wasn’t that good anyway… this comment was the best part.

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  1. Mert wrote:

    “Well, if they really and truly want to build a community, they’re going to have to be patient and resist the urge to sex things up too much…”

    That is the second paragraph of that comment you quoted. My native language is Turkish so I get to read Turkish newspapers online a lot. The once respectable newspapers of the past in Turkey are now all about Digg material ridiculous photo galleries along with may be a few pages of “important news”. The whole point of the online version is completely emotionally charged and they use everything possible to create controversy. Sadly though in a world where Google makes people stupid 5 second attention span beings, this tactic works better than any other traffic as long as you can come up with controversy through half truth news and continuous baseless gossips and still be deemed authority through past brand recognition.

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