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Starbucks WiFi No Worky… is ATT/SBC Throttling Users?

I don’t have time for this, but I have time to blog it in case anyone else is noticing the same thing… it sure seems to me the new Starbucks WiFi from ATT/SBC is throttling usage at the gateway router. Open Firefox and right-click yourself a bunch of new tabs off your favorite news aggregation page, Techmeme, or your Feedreader, and watch as the connection chokes your throughput. Do it enough and you’ll have to log in again.

It was bad enough when Starbucks took the bait and switched to this new ATT/SBC service, probably drinking the we-can-do-better Kool Aide from the people who allegedly brought us illegal wiretapping. the same people who created a need for the Net Neutrality Movement.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I’m a paid subscriber. I pay Starbucks every month for unlimited use.

Starbucks shows promise for turning itself around, but I’m afraid the WiFi is really a deal breaker for the mobile consumers like me. I switched to wireless broadband but the groups I meet with still rely on working, accessible WiFi and that includes clients, realtors, and even (gasp) a health professional I met with recently regarding some SEO development work.

Loyalty aside, if the WiFi no-worky, nothing else matters much. If more local municipalities start requiring Starbucks to list the calories in their Banana Javachip Smoothies next to the prices, they’re going to wish they had done more to keep their caffeine-guzzling regulars in the corners. Maybe they can still save the day if they act aggressively and continue to document how much the ATT WiFi sucks, as I am doing here.

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