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Twitter Following List Deleted – Ground Hog Day?

It’s time to go back and re-execute the last 12-24 hours of your social relationships, so that they can be re-captured by Twitter. It seems twitter lost a whl enuchof data, and reset people’s “follwoing” lists to zero. Jason Goldman responds to a whiner thread here, admitting that they had to restore user data from a 12 hour old cache and things are still not right.

Here’s a quiz for the Social Media addicts:

1. What percentage of Twitter users who have had their following lists deleted will rebuild them instead of simply leaving Twitter?

2. How frustrated will people feel after they start rebuilding today and Twitter restores an old cache over their rebuild… again?

3. What does Twitter consider a higher priority: eliminating the Fail Whale or maintaining data integrity?

4. What else, besides $20 million dollars, do you need to recruit quality programmers to a startup in SF?