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Canon 5D Mark II DigitalSLR w/HD Video

The Canon 5D Mk II is shipping this week. This camera is a game-changer. A full-frame digital SLR (21.1 megapixel) that records 1080p HD video direct to flash card (as .mov files – no rendering required) at up to 6400 ISO. What does that mean:

  • an on-location photographer can also get HD video while on the scene
  • a $2600 digital SLR body includes an HD video camera for short sequences (10-20 seconds)
  • serious photographers with an existing collection of large, fast quality glass lenses can now use them for 1080p HD video

I am not expecting perfection from this first release Canon 5D MkII (remember the Canon 1d mk III focus problems), but I do fully expect this to change the game completely.  If you are a photographer and a web enrepreneur, how can you not see the opportunities this technology (and the improved technology that will likely follow it promptly) provides?

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  1. mitch wrote:

    I’m so excited by this news! I cannot wait for this camera to be delivered to my door! The potential of this camera with its video and low light capabilities is so great that I created a wiki for the 5d. People have been collecting video and still samples from around the world that is very helpful to anyone thinking about buying the mk ii or wanting to see what it can do…

    Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 3:27 pm | Permalink