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Canon 5D Mark II in the hands of..imagers?

Not sure what to call them… they make photographs, videos, imagery. They’re getting their Canon 5D Mark II units as I type. The world changes now… this is a big deal, and it will get bigger.

Check out what Vincent LaforetĀ  put together, even though he can’t publish full res video. Read his notes on the edit process… perhaps the greatest advance we will see in the next 6 months will come out of not only the actual technology of the Canon 5D MkII butĀ  the energy and passion this advancement has stimulated in our creative associates.

If I were younger or able to make a living capturing light through my lenses, I’d be out there creating with my own 5D instead of writing about it on my blog.

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2 Responses to “Canon 5D Mark II in the hands of..imagers?”

  1. Brian LaFrance Says:

    That’s pretty freakin cool. I would love to have that camera…maybe it’s time to start saving some pennies…about 2.7 million of them :)

  2. Anna Green Says:

    My uncle is a photographer who has recently brought a Cannon 5D we took shots over several days with it using a 85mm 1.8. The low light capabilities of this camera is amazing. Minor color grading in the beginning and end. About 95% of the images are straight from the camera. My Uncle is extremely happy with his purchase. If your thinking of getting one, do!