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Armchair Quarterbacks, SEOs, and Domainers

Domain Name News is one of the leading online “newspapers” of the Internet domain industry. Publisher Adam Strong asked me about the recent $5.1 million dollar sale, and after some conversation on SEO aspects I agreed to write my thoughts for publication on I asked a few friends in the SEO industry if they would like to participate, and the article went online. Click through to read Armchair SEOs Play with

Another leading domain industry newspaper extended the “armchair” concept to domainers with “Are You and Armchair Domainer?”

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6 Responses to “Armchair Quarterbacks, SEOs, and Domainers”

  1. Richard Hearne Says:

    I think it’s fair to say Google was watching this very closely.

    Even more reason to get some strategists working on the case though.

    Article was a good read.

  2. Spondishy Says:

    Have they wasted toys . com by 301’ing it? Maybe, but one thing is for sure, they stopped a competitor going for no 1 with that domain.

  3. Domainer Says:

    This is very true. The reality of buying and selling domains is totally different from what many people perceive. It is actually quite hard to sell a domain, even if its a quality generic name. So you armchair domainers, get your domains on Sedo and lets see you sell them.

  4. Promotif Says:

    If we all only had such problems to worry about. :) They probably could have made better use of the domain than just a 301 in my opinion.

  5. mobiel internet prepay Says:

    I would always use a domain that pretty to it’s full capacity… And that would be building a great website on it, not 301’ing it.

  6. Reuben Gomez Says:

    Google is keenly watching whats going on, where as I would like to use domain that pretty of its full capacity.