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Web Prescience, Coming True Every Day

I’m working on a newsletter I call WebPrescience. I will host it at It will highlight insights into the future of the web, as I and others see and describe it, or hint at it. I hope it will ultimately replace this blog, and significantly advance my objective of noting, describing, and questioning what it means to be competitive on the Internet. My kind of futures research.

Had I already started the Web Prescience newsletter, I would have included excerpts from this New York Times article  “Ping Software that Monitors Your Work, Wherever You Are“. I have a lot to say about this article, in the context of the future of the web within our global economy, but right now I will just take a small quote:

“No one gets fired,” Mr. Webb said. “They just don’t get work.”

Obviously I need the WebPrescience Newsletter so I can expound on this revealing news report. On that note, if anyone can recommend a newsletter system that represents a good balance between  AWeber and hosted Mailman, please let me know either in the comments or via email to john at this domain. I love the controls that make Aweber so reliable as a delivery agent, yet I dislike the extreme control they exert over my membership lists. I like hosted Mailman for it’s robustness and simplicity, yet can’t affford the spam blocking risk.


  1. Lea wrote:

    Yes, I read that article too and was somewhat horrified at that quote – being an employee (whether or not they have cleverly classified them as contractors) yet having no surety of income.
    The current system of relationship between ’employees’ and ’employers’ gives people a lower income offset by some level of assurance of that income.
    While one article isn’t enough to give full insight into their system, putting all the risk to the employee while the possibility of benefit remains with the employer isn’t a fair system – we weren’t hearing that these contractors could make huge amounts under this system, just a living.

    Admittedly, the article did hint that there may be enough feedback in the system that it does properly look after employees, but I would hate to see other companies copying this system, but not as well, and without that feedback.

    But – If you aren’t happy with an employee’s performance, don’t slowly reduce the work they can have – sack them, and let them find a niche they can fit better elsewhere.

    On the newsletter question, no, I haven’t seen a hosted system that allows control of the list to a proprietary level. I suspect its implied; you can’t have the spam-free ness without the 3rd party.
    It has occurred to me to pickup a second domain eg in your case, to send from that I would consider disposable; and dump it and move on if the spam problem became too large.

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  2. To host it yourself.

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