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Coupon Websites: Coupons, Discounts, Promos, and more Coupons!

Coupon sites are everywhere, with no end of proliferation in sight. I feel sorry for the guy who has to estimate market share for these sites, because the visitors are typically jumping between many sites while comparing coupon offers, looking for the best one (often trying multiple promo codes to see if they work, how much they discount, etc).

A small smattering of the coupon/promo/discount/offer sites currently competing for this oddly-not-unique demographic of coupon clippers (please add new ones to commnets, so I can post here):


I’ll add links as I look at the sites… I don’t want to start off linking out to anything I haven’t looked at myself (some of these were recommended by other articles and news items).

If you use these sites, please comment. If you HATE them (perhaps you are an affiliate), also comment. If you LOVE them, please comment. I’d like to understand the various perspectives. I heard a few radio ads for while I was traveling, and it sounded very compelling. Anyone use it yet? (it’s short-notice travel deals).

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44 Responses to “Coupon Websites: Coupons, Discounts, Promos, and more Coupons!”

  1. zorko Says: appears to be pwning the game, I typically see them atleast once a week in general Google searching and take notice too because their design is sick. Fair play to them.

  2. Todd Mintz Says:

    You Google “name of merchant coupon / coupon codes / promo codes”. You find a code that works best for you and use it when you buy your goods. I doubt there is any brand loyalty in this space.

    Doing a coupon search is something I always do between adding the good in my shopping cart and paying for it and I save a lot of money this way.

  3. James Farmer Says:

    It’s (not – another great Melbourne outfit :) And they are also very good!

  4. Beth Says: is more than a coupon site. You can save coupons and promos and get email alerts when they expire or add new ones. It has also summaries, reviews and comparisons about many service products.

  5. bobthebuilder Says:

    I call these CONPON sites because they are part of a myriad of online offerings that claim to offer you great deals, but in fact are just an evolution of the affiliate marketing cons such as “Best price guaranteed” and “we’ve scoured the web for the best deals”. Scratch the surface of a large propotion of these offers and you’ll find a very shallow Datapool as the source for offer generation. It pulls the wool over the average shopper and there are some good deals, but I wonder how many people get conned. But then is all advertising a bit of a con and perhaps I’m being naive!

  6. Doug Says:

    They are everywhere in the uk too:)

    Being 3 decent ones.


  7. Dave Stack Says:

    Hi John,

    You are right. Coupon sites are a dime a dozen. Here’s my site:

    Thanks for adding me to your list.


    PS – we met at the affiliate summit a few summits ago (in vegas)

  8. Anna Green Says:

    It really is amasing what you can get from these kinds of sites! I encourage everyone to at least have a good look through, if you don’t mind going places at off peak times. You can have a great night at low cost.

  9. Alex Says:

    Believe me, most if not all are are semi-scams. Not that they’re doing anything illegal but they bring in traffic looking for coupons which are either non-existant or well out of date. They’ll then hope you visit an affiliate link.

    I bet their repeat visitor traffic is dreadful.

  10. manicoasflam Says:

    I think that retailmenot is a super scrapper, all faked: fake coupons, fake comments, fake community, google seems to love it but they also spent tons of money to get these. A little bit too spammy for my taste, look carefully at all their tricks and you’ll see why I call them spammers. Many merchants have banned them from their programs (example: oldnavy and many more) because they’ve understood what retailmenot actually does…
    I get the best deals out of the forums and the newsletter.
    Beyond that, this is one of the most crowded industry ever, far too competitive for any amateur webmaster, probably even too expensive to advertise for most small businesses with medium sized capital in my opinion

    @manicoasflam Your comment seems a bit hostile, doesn’t state specifics, and promotes two other coupon websites.  Hmmm… I’ll allow the URLS but not as links just yet, and if you clarify the specific “fake” stuff on retailmenot, showing “their tricks”, I’ll reconsider putting in your links.

  11. J'm Says:

  12. AJ Says:

    Another coupon and deal site:

  13. Jay Says:

    As a previous poster mentioned, these sites are taking off in the UK too. Some of those that I and friendss use:
    Will be intresting to see how they develop elsewhere internationally

  14. Greg Says:

    I run my own online coupon website,, that I take a lot of pride in. I see that RMN has been given some really good rankings from Google. The popularity with RMN is the ability for anyone to post any type of coupon code they want. While this is a good social feature and gets them good press, it does open up problems with coupon validity and coupon ownership.

    With the free for all posting of coupon codes that RMN pretty much started and is now copied my many other sites, online shoppers are ending up wasting time trying coupon codes that only work on some sites or have already been expired by the merchant. Some coupon sites negotiate exclusive coupons from merchants to post on their site. You now see these coupon codes ending up on RMN, either by scraping from RMN or just from users posting them.

    While I own a coupon site, I am also an avid online shopper. As a shopper, I really don’t like trying coupon codes over and over that do not work from a variety of reasons mentioned above. All of the coupon codes posted on my site come directly from each merchant so I can ensure my visitors they are valid and not waste their time.

  15. Pamela Says:

    Hi John,

    Love your site! Check out or our exclusives page @

    Hope you & your readers find some great deals here!

  16. Nick Says:

    Hi John is another popular voucher code site.


  17. Steve Says:

    There’s loads of these things, he’s another one I just found Seems quite new, might be worth a look.

  18. Prim @ Says:

    There are a lot of deal and coupon sites out there. The good ones are the ones that are updated frequently and also updated by humans who actually look at the deal and coupons before posting them, and not computer scripts or programs. We update our site at manually and do our best to verify the deals before posting them.

  19. Steve Says:

    Yet another one,

    These sites are massive in the UK as I’m guessing they are in the US. You occasionally do get a great deal from them though.

  20. Scott Says:

    Thanks – another UK discount vouchers one for you :

  21. Mike Says: is another good site for coupons and deals.

  22. John Mellor Says:


    I work for – another voucher code / restaurant voucher site.

  23. peter Says:

    Another deals and coupons

  24. halı yıkama Says: is another site.

  25. Andrew Wade Says:

    I own a simple site displaying all the latest discount codes and vouchers, none of them fake. In the next 3 months i will bringing out a price comparison engine in the site with an unique feature that none of the other sites have, please check the site out its simple, fast loading and not full of hundreds of adverts!

    Andrew Wade

  26. Exclusive Coupons Says:

    i am also giving you coupons site and i am sure this site gives you all exclusive coupons for saving the money.

  27. Ben Says:

    Hi – Another site for handpicked deals and coupons is

  28. Susanne Says:

    Hi John,

    Just wanted you to maybe take a look at my newly re-designed coupon site,
    I’ve now added a feature where users can register and submit coupons themselves.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks!

  29. Mike Jhatan Says:

    Also add My coupon site Couponhug

  30. chris Says:

    argh i just lost a long post to your posting system. anyway what i was going to say is that there are some great things about voucher sites (i run my own at ) but there are also somethings to be aware of:

    1 some voucher sites do some rather dodgy things to maximize commisions :
    2 you can sometimes get a better deal without vouchers :

  31. Ben Says:

    Most niches have a collection of sites that range from the stagnant, redunant site through to the shining examples of good quality content that’s regularly updated. is my site. Where it sites in the spectrum outlined above I’ll leave others to comment.

  32. Joey Bing Says:

    I’m very new to this niche. This is my site
    Retailmenot gets top position on almost all “store name” coupon code search. That’s not fair to many of us :(

  33. Voucher Codes Says:

    I shop online a lot and use voucher codes all the time. One of my favourite uk voucher codes websites

  34. baluoct16 Says:

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  35. Coupon Codes Says:

    Hi ….

    I see a lot of coupons site here….. A real good collection….

    But my personal fav always have been …. Its nice and easy to use with all verified coupons in there…

    A sober, non flashy, banner free interface makes it all the more popular :)

  36. VoucherCodez Says:

    Recently launched site - doing ok at the mo – but would like to see some of the results that have developed for the biggies like Retailmeknot and so on.

    I think mthe key to having a good voucher codes site is to keep it updated!

    Fresh Content is the way forward.

  37. HEATHER YANG Says:

    Handpicked deals and coupons from . Search coupons by stores , categoris or tags.

  38. Discount Voucher Says:

    I have had my voucher site since 2002 and have got to be one of the longest running voucher sites in the UK. And its all made in my beroom :)

  39. VoucherSmarter Says:

    For the UK, there are many excellent voucher codes and promos website, you might also want to checkout when searching the discount voucher codes online. Nice Sharing!

  40. Chat Says: has been around for a few years. I’ve had good experiences with them so far.

  41. Marsha Says:

    Been using recently, I really hate having to try 4 coupons to get one to work properly….

  42. Promotional Codes Says:

    Hi John,

    I know you are a top man, but you have missed out the best sites from the UK. I know you must have lots of uk readers, so why not includes some of the best uk websites, e.g.

  43. Sophia lee Says:

    In UK, there has lots of voucher sites. provides better way for the users to find detailed information about certain goods, voucher codes, discounts and promotional codes.

  44. Mario Johnston Says:

    For Australia, CodePROMO is a new one that has started up, really good they are solely exclusive coupons that can’t be get anywhere else. Have a look