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“Shoot the Pop Star and get Free Ringtones”

We all need to study MySpace.

The MySpace generation needs to study it, because it represents the evolution of the “do your best to fit in” challenge. You are a dork by default, unless you can be accepted by the cool kids. How to be accepted is a cruel game, with no real rules. You have to play, and you have to risk it all. On MySpace, at least you can impress with some geek skillz without being labeled a geek.

The rest of us need to study MySpace because.. well because it exists and it is bizarre. That has to be important. Nothing as busy as MySpace could be unimportant. And so we study it.

I posted earlier about MySpace having a unique culture. I noted how others had classified MySpace as cruel and full of hate, yet hpeful and inclusive. It’s all a mish mash. A reality mashup. And today I saw a banner ad that summed it all up in one line:

Yes, that’s an animated banner ad of a blonde on a Hollywood red carpet, with a paparazzi, camera, and viewfinder cross hairs, and the copy reads “Shoot the pop star and get free ringtones”.

Anything for a ringtone. My if that doesn’t capture MySpace.


  1. Ben Wilks wrote:

    Hold on John, shoot the pop star or the porn star? You might be onto something.

    Wednesday, July 26, 2006 at 5:09 pm | Permalink
  2. john andrews wrote:

    Haha when I first saw it I thought exactly that. I think they knew what they were doing when they wrote that add, don’t you?

    Wednesday, July 26, 2006 at 5:58 pm | Permalink