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Purpose Inc. Annual Pubcon Poker Tourney 2009

Here it is, the 2009 Charity Poker Event at Pubcon:

As usual San Diego’s favorite Chiropractor Dr. Klein is making it happen at the Las Vegas Pubcon Internet entrepreneurs conference. See the sponsors? Azoogle network, Train Signal (a software training company), We Build Pages… and lots more, all supporting a quality charity event.

And speaking of quality charities, I take this opportunity to highlight the amazing Captain Ozone.  A project of Environmental Media Northwest, a group focused on introducing young school kids to the power of the media as a means of improving the world (environmentally speaking). Maybe Captain Ozone needs bigger speedos, but the mission seems to be honorable, and I totally support the idea of teaching kids the power of public communications as early as possible.

Be sure and register to play or RSVP so you can attend as a guest see

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One Response to “Purpose Inc. Annual Pubcon Poker Tourney 2009”

  1. Todd Mintz Says:

    Fortunately, you are a much better “competitive webmaster” than you are a poker player :.)

    John replies: Yeah that’s true,but I’ve only played a few times¬† while I’ve SEO’d for years and years. On the other hand, someone has to play the “wild card” and knock out a few experienced players based on sheer luck, right? And then gracefully donate chips into the final table pot. That’s basically my job when I play. This year there seems to be a lot of demand for seats and a lot of people who want to play, so I may just be a guest this time.