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Google Fiber – Bellingham, WA

Here’s some PR coming out of Bellingham. It was made by Hand Crank Films, commissioned by the City of Bellingham for a reported $5,000 fee. This was featured on TechFlash


See more PR efforts from Bellingham here. Bellingham leadership decided to spend money chasing this Google promotion, like many other cities. This $5,000 plus the cost of producing the 6 or so other less-commercial videos, plus I presume the formal application that had to be submitted. Meeting time for several officials, plus the contracts department and legal and accounting. Not sure if Hand Crank needed any permits to shoot this, given the string and all.

I’m sure someone weighed the value of this… oh let’s just say $35,000 total expense vs. the return of a shot at “free” Google fiber.

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