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Google Christine Dolce Madness

I have lectured more than one person on Google specificity this year, but I can only suppose I’m not a good lecturer because nobody wants to believe me. Read my lips: Google wants to pigeon hole your page. Accept it, find the trust, and exploit it. A fool with conviction is an easier mark than a fool on the fence.

So today I noticed Google sending me traffic for a composite query “Christine Dolce video caps”. I used to call it “latent semantic imaging” but nowadays I just call it Google nonsense. Look how hard Google is working to satisfy this very specific user query “Christine Dolce video caps“:

johnon.comThese screen caps are from a proxy out of the US East Coast. Christine Dolce nude no photo and no video. Christine Dolce Nude no photograph – 31k – Jul 26, 2006 – CachedSimilar pages

That’s SERP 1, item #3 after #2 was indented. So the second most relevant result was created by Google out of the context of my page. Clever Google edited the content to create that nice snippet that genuinely appears to be about Christine Dolce video caps on my site.

We’ve had this debate before ealier this year. Someone said we SEOs no longer deceive Google, but instead deceive users (via baiting and such) and it’s the users that convince Google of the relevance. I call BS. Lookie here… Google is so keen on specificity it will even fabricate a snippet to achieve the appearance of a relevant result (and then serve it up at the top of the SERPs as well).

Needless to say this shit doesn’t convert. It’s good for no one but MFA publishers and porn sites.

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  1. Ricky wrote:

    It’s just AI trying to make sense of something that doesn’t. All their problems aside, Google is still more relevant than Yahoo.

    Tuesday, May 6, 2008 at 10:20 pm | Permalink