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I believe….Google Cooks the Search Results

So with this week’s congressional hearing we’re learning that Google doesn’t believe it “cooks the books”. It is sort of interesting to watch pigs question the biggest pig about things like greed and influence.Too bad they are posturing so much they can’t address the real problems.
The real story is in the influence Google exerts over the world, much like the influence newspaper publishers exerted over the world throughout history.

On a related note, sort of funny how Google seems to think this leadership training video is bullsh*t.

Google BS

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One Response to “I believe….Google Cooks the Search Results”

  1. Phil Hershkowitz Says:

    Wicked Graphic:)

    I did like Senator Richard Blumenthal’s comment: “You run the race track. You own the race track. For a long time you had no horses. Now you have horses and have control over where those horses are placed and your horses seem to be winning”