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Reasons your Post-Penguin Link Building Sucks

Since Google got aggressive (finally) with spammy link builders and spammy article syndicators, I’m getting a lot more “offers” to write for my sites. So far nothing I would ever accept. Why not? Allow me to list just some of the primary reasons your post-Penguin link building requests suck:

1. You don’t present any unique value TO ME; it’s ALL ABOUT YOU

Your request is all about how you will write, and you will get a discreet link back to your site. Aside from the canned “I love your site” crap, there is nothing that makes me feel even remotely interested in YOUR offer.

Pretty crappy marketing. No pitch. No promises to me. No interesting value. Zero persuasion. And most of all, zero potential. I have to say, it’s like getting an offer from a street hooker while driving to work. Why would I ever engage in that sort of anonymous drive-by……? Whatever. Link whore much?

2. Your Web Site is Worse Than Mine

And I mean that in a content and seo sense, not a design sense. You’re not offering to design my site, you’re offering to write for it. So how’s your writing? How could I possibly think that what you’ll write for my site will be any better than what you’ve published on your own site? I hate to actually suggest this, but if you can’t write, hire someone. And then scam me with these offers. It’ll work better.

3. You Compete DIRECTLY with Me and My Site

This initially seems hard to believe since we are all so unique and SEO is so diverse, it happens a lot. And it is actually understandable given that YOU ARE SO LAZY. You obviously used keyword tools to find my site, and were hunting for BEST POSSIBLE MATCHES which means, naturally, you’re top prospects (according to your lazy research) are DIRECT competitors to you. Same topics, same service offerings, and even same local service area.

Why would I… or better, BECAUSE you’re obviously lazy, I know you won’t do a nice job if I allowed it.

4. You Didn’t Look At Me or My Site

Most times it is VERY CLEAR that you have no idea who I am and little awareness of my site’s perspective. Not that I’m special, but to me and my friends I am somebody. And you are not, by the way. Fix that and we might have something to discuss.

5. When you answer my reply, you show me you have no idea what I responded to

I actually replied to a few with “Maybe.. what’s the deal?” only to learn that you have no idea what you sent me originally. I will have to assume you spam so many for so many sites that you can’t keep track of unlabeled responses. Hah. Owned.

6. Your Plan Sucks

This is the biggest fail of all. What you propose (and the way you appear to execute) sucks. Your “offer” to extract value FROM my site FOR your benefit will just SPREAD your suckage to my site (and to me by association). Why would I ever…. oh never mind. You won’t get any of this.

So there you have it. Six reasons why your link building approach sucks, from my perspective.And yes, I do recognize this is very close to a Top Ten Lists for SEO post. Sorry.


  1. aaron wall wrote:

    4 more to go … if I may help…

    “Advices” in the domain name? :D

    how about the “PoSt PeNgUiN RaNsOmE NoTe” email subject lines?

    Saturday, June 30, 2012 at 3:52 pm | Permalink
  2. I would love to write for you one day. I’ve spotted you as a regular value adding commentator on Mr Martinez’s blog hence how I found your blog and have been reading as far back as entries commencing in 2009 – particularly the racquetball post! Of course, as a mild connoisseur of your writings I’d be happy for you to guest post on my blog also.

    With regards to the subject matter at hand in your blog post above, I think guest blogging is highly pandemic because the SEO community are starting to realise that links need to be value adding for reading. Maybe they will also start realising that leads to click throughs so that channelling PageRank won’t be as important as the people and the webmasters they reach out to.

    I must add though that the competing websites issue doesn’t bother me as I think it’s much easier to better yourself than it is to put someone else down either by ignoring them or doing a poor job which would not result in a repeat opportunity. People are much stronger when united – apart from when their currency is in the Eurozone of course.

    Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 3:08 pm | Permalink