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AOL Search data available for research: 1.9 million queries

AOL released 1.9 million queries, from 650,000 AOL subscribers 10 days ago on an AOL research web page. Visitors could download the searches and “play with it”. AOL pulled the data today, admitting it was a privacy violation and something it never should have done.

Also according to the AP report,

The data file included information on what search terms were used, when the search was conducted and whether the user clicked on any of the results. All told, the file had information on 19 million queries from 658,086 subscribers from March 1 to May 31. The data only included searches conducted in the United States using AOL’s proprietary software, which until last week was available only to paying subscribers. Searches made over the free portal were not disclosed.

I wonder why I missed this report on the various search web sites I read. Huh. Oh well. I would have downloaded the fle for sure.