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Web Hosting Information – from the gut

Update 7/21/2006: I am now recommending BlueHost for hosting. Check it out.

From the first read, I like Daw’s blog. I will go back and read more, especially as he writes more on public relations, from his perspective as an independent web host. I’m guessing he works for BlueHost:

To provide good service means to have a reliable network and to use expensive equipment. Most newcomers however can not afford to buy RAID 5 server from IBM, DELL, HP or any other popular producer. Powerful machine costs at least $2500. If someone invested in state-of-the-art data center and/or servers they will definitely not offer “web hosting for less than $5/month”.

A refreshing reminder of what kind of Internet world we are living in right now. I also am watching Mark Heaton, on BlueHost’s blog. He’s an entrepreneur in hosting, spends $70,000 per month with GoDaddy, is is moving 125,000 domains off of GoDaddy right now because of their failure to provide good customer service. That’s the spirit.