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See what I mean? Google’s lovin’ the nearby’s

On Monday morning we saw signals of Google’s knobs turned too high on nearby word associations. I suggested that you :

Go ahead and talk about keyword one and keyword two today and tomorrow. The anchor text doesn’t matter as much as the distance to the nearest neighbors today.

Today the SERPs are all full of mashup winners… like Portishead at the top of Christine Dolce search. Check the cache and you see

These terms only appear in links pointing to this page: dolce

The top spot for Chrstine Dolce is the portishead myspace page. Many, many MySpacers list Christine Dolce as a friend, and Portishead as a fave. As does Christine Dolce herself. Does that justify a top rank? Really, Google. Synonyms are so 2004.

Where was that bit about people linking to you having no effect on your rankings….