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Blog Post ideas

Roughing out posting ideas in Internet and search marketing

How Marketers Can Help Other Marketers

If I see a blog post that highlights and compliments my own article, I feel like that blogger has helped me market my material. I feel inclined to  return the favor, if not now, then in the future. So if I see a marketer trying to highlight an issue or frame it, but feel I can do a better job, I do that on my own blog. I add to the conversation, helping that marketer make his case. I link to that marketer (to support his article) and I link to the source he linked to as well. It works… it’s marketers helping other marketers. It’s important because readers (regular people) just read and go “yeah, I agree” and take the conversation offline. Someonehas to keep it growing online, and that, by definition, is our job (online marketers).
How Circulation Helps Marketing

If one marketer links to a story, ithelps with traffic. if many marketers link to that story, it helps with traffic and search marketing.  Since we know that, why not contribute to it? Help it to work more effectively? Circulate the links that other marketers drop, to make them more effective. In the process you are helping to make online marketing more effective, which is good for all of us.
How Grass Roots Works Despite The Big Boys

The BigBoys tend to watch each other for “external validation”. They are often afraid to link to something first, out of fear that some other “A” lister will later say that was stupid. So they err on the side of no links, and then act as a mob linking out to what is obviosuly “accepted as cool”. Grass roots provides an answer to this. By linking from a collection of smaller, non-famous (lower pressure) sites, the grass roots sites, a marketer can create linking momentum  that is seen as some external validation for a higher profile link. Sometimes, it is simply the fact that there is grass roots support that justifies the link — the “A” lister can say “wow.. something coming up is THIS, which is gaining grass roots support” without having taken a risk of an actual position on the matter.
Sphinning for Links

On marketing site Sphinn, users sbmit articles written by others, nominating those articles fro increased attention. The submitter (who is often unrelated to the author of the work highlighted) gets attention, as does the original work. Sphinn is a source of reward for practice. Usually in life the reward for practice is improved performance later, when we execute a real try of whatever we are practicing. But by posting to Sphinn (and Sphinning posts on Sphinn) we get rewards (links) for simply taking a shot (trying). So when you visit Sphinn and Sphinn up some posts you find worthy of attention, you are rewarding practice for the practicing crowd (the submitters) as well as rewarding the authors of the content behind the Sphinn (the source author). It’s a win-win for marketers of all levels, and worthy of your attention.