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Just opinion, based on very little observation.

Platinax Internet

This is a sponsored review. Platinax went through broker ReviewMe to ask if I would review the Platinax small business / entrepreneur web site. I agreed for a few reasons. First, I recognize Brian Turner from a few SEO forums, and my recollection is he’s a positive guy who often speaks directly, which I like […]

Here Come the MySpace SEOs

This post is a bit premature. But I post it anyway. hell, I can always update it. Here come the MySpace SEOs. Where? Well, I said it was premature. But they will come. And when they do, will you be ready? I am a big fan of newbie SEOs. I was a big fan of […]

Web 3.0 – Now It’s All About MySpace

MySpace. The biggest thing on the net since Instant Messenger. MySpace. The #1 destination on the web if you chop up Yahoo! into separate domains and services. MySpace, where dancing bears and shoveling construction workers can’t hold a candle to embedded video clips and simultaneous ring tone wavs blaring out from dark gray on black […]

Web Hosting Information – from the gut

Update 7/21/2006: I am now recommending BlueHost for hosting. Check it out. From the first read, I like Daw’s blog. I will go back and read more, especially as he writes more on public relations, from his perspective as an independent web host. I’m guessing he works for BlueHost: To provide good service means to […]