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Category Archives: Privacy

Implantable RFID Chips, Privacy, and Effort

Who has the time or who can afford the effort required to manage the privacy issues under attack today? A company in Ohio (Agent Technologies, see domain note below) is implanting RFID chips into the arms of employees, to see if the technology provides a good security solution for controlled-access areas. Ohio has introduced a […]

Blog Courage: Will They Celebrate it Later?

Blog Courage: What it takes to publish a public opinion, despite. This post over at Coding Horror highlights the silencing of Kathy Sierra, the Creating Passionate Users author, as one example of how blog success leads to blog shutdown. Kathy was a big success, and death threats and negative attention somehow caused her to stop […]

Wikileaks IP Address (UPDATED below)

ORIGINAL: Just in case anyone was looking for, since their domain name was confiscated. Updated: 07/2011 now enjoy! Updated 12/2010: was now now see Updated 07/2013: was now… broken. Wikileaks moved from to and then moved to utilize the Cloudflare proxy system, in order to maintain […]