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Public Relations also known as “PR”

Embarrassing Google

According to today’s Google, what’s best for the searcher is an autogenerated, machine voiced, brief video mentioning the basic name and features of each new product introduced by each major brand. Search for info on Apple’s new 30W USB-C power adapter, for example, and near the top you’ll find an autogenerated video with machine-generated voice, […]

PR is where the Money Is

A shout out to all of you disenfranchised ex-SEO people out there: Public Relations is where the Money Is! PR is a solid career with very little formal credentialing required. Even better, the consumers of PR services have less knowledge about PR than SEO consumers had about SEO! PR is a GOLDMINE opportunity for online […]

Painful Example of Google’s Capricious Do Not Care Attitude

This is amazing to me, not because it is true but because it is co clearly demonstrated with recorded phone calls. Although I fully expect Google to issue excuses, blame an incompetent vendor, and allude to “beta”, “experiment”, or “brief period of impact..effecting 0.0001% of businesses” maybe this will be the living example the world […]

Why “dot everything” is a Good Idea (and ahead of its time)

I’m getting tired of so-called experts trashing ICANN’s decision to open up the Internet naming system on the right side of the dot, to enable names with dot anything. It was a smart thing to do, although it may have been executed poorly. It for sure has been interpreted poorly by the same people it […]

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Check out the new Digg, launched in August: ref

BlueGlass LA

There is no substitute for “being there”. When several established hard workers/players in the search marketing space make a move to combine forces, you have to pay attention. When they do it quickly, and apparently successfully from an operational perspective, you have to admire their commitment to both the concept and the success goals. And […]

Living in a Literal World

Online, we live in a literal world. I can’t over-emphasize that enough. Literal, as in “understood exactly as it was stated”. I suspect your readers are taking your communications far more literally than you suspect. True for visual as well as written. They see and “hear” (inside their reading minds) what they want to see […]

Google Privacy

In case you missed it, this is pretty funny. [youtube:]

Google Fiber – Bellingham, WA

Here’s some PR coming out of Bellingham. It was made by Hand Crank Films, commissioned by the City of Bellingham for a reported $5,000 fee. This was featured on TechFlash [youtube:] See more PR efforts from Bellingham here. Bellingham leadership decided to spend money chasing this Google promotion, like many other cities. This $5,000 plus […]

Google’s Legacy – the Internet Cesspool

Google makes a market in freely copying and redistributing other publisher’s products. They do not make a deal with the publisher, and they don’t disclose the details of their activities. They don’t respect copyright in the traditional, accepted form, but rather argued for (and apparently won) a special consideration that treats search “snippets” differently than […]

Proctor and Gamble Eats Values for Lunch

In my twitter stream this morning was a quip about Proctor and Gamble having a new strategy. I clicked through. I landed on an old-school designed page with a 66 year old woman’s face smiling at me. She was Rosabeth Moss Kanter, the author of the article. It was a Harvard web site. Her bio […]

Google Owns Your Internets

For years I’ve pointed out that Google consistently acts to disintermediate web publishers. For years I’ve noted how Google, while saying that we are all friends, reliably “improves” Google’s services in ways which force webmasters to eliminate their own interest in the dissemination of what they publish. The “nickels from Google” may add up to […]

David Rosenfeld, Lawyer

I think it’s important that we know the actual people involved in the current massive scams in the US. One identified in a article is David Rosenfeld, a lawyer for the Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC). In a nutshell, Bank of America used $45 billion in taxpayer funds to take over the failed […]

Palm on Pal Pre Privacy: We’re Just as Slimy as the Rest of our Industry

It seems Palm has decided that they are OK with being slimy about undisclosed privacy and user tracking. Give a chance to comment on the recent expose about detailed user tracking buried inside the Palm Pre, they tell us (paraphrasing) “everybody does it” and “we’re happy our users trust us”. MobileCrunch re-highlighted this news from […]

Hitwise: Can You Trust Hitwise?

As a truly independent search marketing consultant I frequently encounter the “bigger is better” syndrome. A potential client, not sure whom to trust, decides that a cheap, starter package from BigCompany is a safer way to get started in search marketing than working with an independent search consultant. I call it a syndrome because a […]

Hey Affiliates – Screw You! (pass it on)

If this new ICANN proposal called “Rapid Suspension System” goes through, I can cheaply file a complaint to get your affiliate landing pages taken down immediately. Shoot first and ask questions later! Think about that… I file for next to nothing, claim your Acai-berri site is confusingly similar to my Acai-beari site, and your landing […]

So Little is Known about Us “out there”

Each day I am reminded just how little the “real world” knows about us. We’re SEOs, Internet marketers, web strategists, and innovators on the systems that support commerce on the web. Nearly everyone in business is already on the web or using the web, yet how many actually know about us? The people acting as […]

Someone Can Charge for News Content, but Who?

The New York Times continues to publish articles on what it calls the “free vs paid debate” (Google it). They are trying to figure out, in public, how to charge for news delivered over the web.  The article notes that people can’t expect news for free, and advertising is not supporting web publishing efforts.They seem […]

Opting IN with Google, so you can Opt-out of Tracking

Google has announced its new behavioral ad targeting, and acknowledged some of the privacy and protection guidelines in development around the world. They note: United States Federal Trade Commission “Principles of Online Advertising”(PDF) Network Advertising Initiative’s Self-Regulating Conduct paper the Center for Democracy and Technology’s Threshold Analysis for Online Advertising Practices (PDF) Internet Advertising Bureau […]

Google Docs: Is 3 Weeks too long to fix a Privacy/Security Issue?

Saturday morning is slow time for viral distribution of news, but if the news sticks the viral component tends to last longer than usual, often re-distributed by the Monday morning back-to-work crowd. “Checkout what happened over the weekend”, such as this Google Docs privacy leak. First, this is important news. If you used Google Docs, […]

Who’s Watching Google?

Last week Aaron Wall of published his analysis of a significant change in the Google search engine. In late January, a marketer in the SEOBook private forum had observed changes in the Google search results, seemingly favoring larger brands over heavily optimized smaller brands. A minor discussion ensued, since this action appeared to reward […]

Watching The Watchmen

Who’s watching the watchmen? Social commentary, or pop culture? The Watchmen is trending, and clearly benefits from the overlap. Had this graffiti been “Dark Knight” or “Iron Man” it would have been removed promptly, but this “social commentary” persists in plain site, week after week, in Bellingham, Washington.

Ruining the Web: Google is Responsible and Capable

In search world we’ve long noted the power Google holds for shaping the web. We’ve long lamented the way Google has failed to put that power to good use, compared to the way it has put that power to work. Google is responsible for much of the character of today’s web (something Google’s own CEO […]

Affiliate Summit West Live Blogging

Gonna give this a try and see if the 3G connection enables me to blog some thoughts from the Affiliate Summit session on “the Future of Performance Marketing (Part 1). Part 1: Session focused on “Performance Marketing” or CPA (cost per action) going forward I hope it’s not all about subscription scams (that was sarcasm, […]

Japanese Protest Google Privacy Invasions

Japanese quality of life and humanitarian advocates are referring to Google as that big, bad IT behemoth formerly known as Cyberdyne Systems (Terminator movies). “It is necessary to warn society that an IT giant is openly violating privacy rights, which are important rights that the citizens have, through this service.” They are calling for a […]

Ted Leonsis’ Crazy Ideas, Revisited

My friend Ted Leonsis has decided to contribute to the brain storming taking place inside the Obama Transition camp (unofficially). Ted, longtime lover of lists, has offered his “10 crazy ideas” which he says “would be short term unpopular but would work in the long term and we would leave a better world and a […]

Google has Priorities, just like my 8 year old

A few months ago Google was urged to add a “privacy” link to the Google home page. It was a big deal. We heard a selection of reasons why it was not possible, how it would be harmful, and why Google simply did not want to do it. In the end, with some drama about […]

It seems EVERYONE is stuffing your local Flash storage…

Once in a while I like to remind everyone of some of the trust points that exist out there in Internet land, and this time I will underline the importance of paying attention because dang, it seems just about everyone is stuffing crap into your local Flash storage these days. Everyone knows about cookies, those […]

Reputation Management Domains : SEO Online Reputation Web sites

So many projects, so little time. The following domains are being offered for sale pre-development and pre-promotion. That means you can buy them now, buy them in a few weeks after they have been promoted for sale, or pay even more next year when they have active content and traffic. – looks good […]

New York Times trashes AOL Brand

I don’t think the New York Times ever publishes anything that isn’t intended to push some agenda. It seems to me every single headline and article has a mission. It’s not just news or information or entertainment, but rather some mission-based effort to make some point or present some perspective. So when I read today’s […]

Hacking the Nike+ iPod sensor interface

Nicholas Carr says in “Apple declares war on sneaker hackers” that Apple is pushing for a patent for DRM on the clothing/device personal network. He’s noting a New Scientist report of Apple’s desire to restrict pairing of sensor devices to “authorized garments“. An example given in the application describes “sneaker hackers” removing sensors from iPod-linked […]

Google’s Figured Out Better Ways to Know About You

Things are heating up world-wide when it comes to Google, privacy and competitiveness, so it’s no surprise that the rhetoric delivered to Google critics has gotten harsher. These days if you say things questioning Google someone will call you a conspiracy theorist, and someone will call you out on “negativity” or otherwise make a move […]

Google Chrome Bait ‘n Switch?

Update: Google has changed it’s Agreement to eliminate some of what is mentioned here, and since Google Chrome was released last week there have been at least two security vulnerabilities exposed. So if you downloaded Google Chrome last week and want to keep using it, be sure and re-download or otherwise upgrade to get the […]

Google Chrome and Your Privacy

Update: If you landed here for information on Google Chrome, you may want to read a more recent post “Google Chrome: Bait and Switch“. Google released Google Chrome today, their new web browser. Why? While you ponder that question, I note that the data clearing “Clear browsing data…” link in the Google Chrome Tools menu […]

The Platform is Not the Message, Mark Cuban.

It seems every time I read what Mark Cuban writes, I disagree with him. Are we living in the same world? Obviously not. If he didn’t make headlines on Techmeme so much, I doubt I would ever read him these days. This time, in “The Platform is the Message“, billionaire HD movie developer Mark Cuban […]

Consequences of a Baaad Domain Name

Seth Godin has a new book coming. It’s called “Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us“. Seth is a popular guy and writes popular books. It should be popular. He’s also a marketing innovator, notorious for doing things differently in obvious ways (so every notices that he’s doing things differently). To pull that off, he […]

Geek Alert: Gotta Love this Industry

Sometimes it’s the small things in life that matter. A few months ago my favorite hacker Dan Kaminsky discovered a fundamental flaw in the design of the Internet. it can be exploited by almost any hacker out there, and he made the effort to manage the politics of cooperation behind the scenes with major corporations […]

What is “Social Media Optimization” ?

For over a year maybe two I’ve seen “social media” highlighted in search marketing land, as if it were the next stage of SEO or SEM. Some called themselves “social media optimizers” and some tried to coin the term “SMO” for “Social Media Optimization”. Lately my impression is those selling their services as social media […]

No Guts, No Donuts

Loren Baker highlighted an interview of Aaron Wall over at PingPongPie, a web site I would not have otherwise discovered. Aaron said: The SEO industry used to be a tight knit community, but as social media has become more popular and too many people have been fighting for too small of a pie the industry […]

YouTube AudioSpam: Our World Gets Uglier

We all know that public figures and the people behind the institutions we pretend are individuals promote their own interests. We know they pay others to make them look good. We know they sometimes pay others to make ugly things go away or at least look prettier to the rest of us. In fact, most […]

Twitter Following List Deleted – Ground Hog Day?

It’s time to go back and re-execute the last 12-24 hours of your social relationships, so that they can be re-captured by Twitter. It seems twitter lost a whl enuchof data, and reset people’s “follwoing” lists to zero. Jason Goldman responds to a whiner thread here, admitting that they had to restore user data from […]

How Much Does LinkedIn Pay You?

They don’t pay me anything, and so I don’t participate. How much do they pay you? I’m willing to accept discussions of how much value you get from LinkedIn, if that is what you prefer. I have little expectation that anyone can highlight much real value, although I am sure there will be a handful […]

Starbucks WiFi No Worky… is ATT/SBC Throttling Users?

I don’t have time for this, but I have time to blog it in case anyone else is noticing the same thing… it sure seems to me the new Starbucks WiFi from ATT/SBC is throttling usage at the gateway router. Open Firefox and right-click yourself a bunch of new tabs off your favorite news aggregation […]

Good comment on community building

In an age when most major media outlets are providing outrage-of-the-hour content, one should not be surprised that the community built around that is also comprised of illogical, emotionally charged drivel flavored with a smattering of generally useless regurgitated trivia posing as genuine information. Reminds me of a few online communities I know and used […]

Competitive Web Publishing

I’m always thinking about web and Internet from a competitive perspective, because that’s really what we are doing when we optimize, seek search traffic, buy links, and forge alliances with like-minded website network operators: competitive webmastering. But that concept is not always palatable to people. There are plenty of pie-in-the-sky web publishers (and SEOs and […]

Doing Business with Verizon

You really need to watch this past the first minute, to the part where the Verizon customer service representatives quote the Verizon rates. To think that this is how we consumers are forced to “do business” in this country… while nobody in our government has any better ideas of how things might be. [youtube:] Thanks […]

Airline Domains: TAM Airlines doesn’t own

TAM Airlines (TAM) is the largest airline in Brazil, and has been expanding operations. They used to compete with Varig in Brazil, which owns as well as, the Brazilian equivalent, and GOL. Airline web sites are notoriously badly configured for SEO, and these are not exceptions, but TAM airlines doesn’t even own […]

Gas Price : Now $4.59 per gallon

Remember those debates about whether or not gas would reach $5 per gallon this summer? No? Well, surely you remember when they suggested it might reach $4 this summer? Well, it’s not summer yet, and where I live regular gas has reached $4.59 per gallon already. Check Google News to see all the reports of […]

Think Tank – for domainers and web entrepreneurs

Think Tank is happening and I am now looking forward to it. I can personally vouch for the quality of Dave Klein (DK), who has put this together. He ran a charity poker tournament last fall that was nothing short of great, and several off us encouraged him to follow his instincts after he suggested […]

iphone apple job iphone hype iphone video apple jobs hype

In case you haven’t had enough yet, iphone apple job iphone hype iphone Apple store video apple jobs hype iphone apple job iphone hype iphone video apple jobs hype iphone apple job iphone hype iphone Apple store video apple jobs hype iphone apple job iphone hype iphone video apple jobs hype iphone apple job iphone […]

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Starbucks Losing Key Customers Over WiFi Glitches

I’ve been a regular Starbucks customer for many years. I spend about $250 per month at my local Starbucks, separate from WiFi access fees. I pay $7 for pre-made, cold sandwiches so I don’t have to leave my table. I visit Starbucks nearly daily when on travel, and I even buy stuff from their over […]

Home Page Privacy Link Lowers Conversions

How do you explain that Google doesn’t want to post a home page privacy link, and is willing to violate California law by refusing to include the privacy policy link on the Google homepage? It must hurt conversions. Google is a serious web company and Google tests things before deploying them. The privacypolicy is an […]

Banning SEMPO Members and their Client Websites

Effective today I am banning any SEMPO member company and every website they promote (SEMPO client websites) from any site on any of my networks, including this blog. I suppose I can file this is the “continuing to make friends in the SEO/SEM Community” category, but I’ve had enough of the garbage that is being […]

Matt McGee: The Last Person on Twitter

[Executive Summary: Twitter is not for everyone but if you’re in the web entrepreneuring space you should have been on it last year already. Don’t feel bad if you never heard of it; just join and don’t admit you weren’t aware. Matt McGee is an SEO guy out of Marchex, who is into social media […]

Coming Full Circle: Blogging & Journalism

Journalism is a funny beast I don’t pretend to understand. As a consumer, though, I can say that I used to pay a lot of money to subscribe to certain products of good journalism. I paid in advance, and the information appeared in my mailbox. The currency of the information was judged by relative measures… […]

Rank Matters

Well, maybe not Alexa rank, but they do make a rank t-shirt and z***** is pretty innovative… (Update: oh well, they disabled the hotlink. It was a picture of a custom t-short showing rank, but I guess they prefer no publicity over a hotlinked image. So much for assuming they were an innovative company…)

Domain Roundtable 2008: San Francisco

Updated: Message came in from the conference organizers: I received quite a few emails and calls this morning from people forgetting to reserve their hotel room at the discounted rate that ended yesterday. DON’T PANIC !!! The hotel has agreed to extend our rate until April 7. Our rate of $239 is only for the […]

First to 300 Sphinns: Thank You Bionic Sphinners!

Note: A few days ago, after proclaiming for many months that paid links are not allowed and arguing what does and does not constitute “payment” for links, Google has finally cleared up the confusion around the use of the nofollow attribute by publishing a living demonstration of the right way to barter direct back links. […]

Pay Attention to Google

[youtube:] Thanks Ken. That was hilarious.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe has announced PhotoShop Express, a “free” online image finishing system that YOU can use to cleanup, sharpen, filter, remove red-eye, and do a host of other things to your photos, which you can also publish online, share, and embed. It’s all “free” as old-school Adobe defines “free” : no charge, free, gratis, wonderfully replete […]

Google Barters Backlinks to Show The Way

The Google blog (which routinely uses the “nofollow” attribute according to Google’s guidelines for link management, has just posted a set of direct backlinks to the people they are calling “bionic posters” in the Google help forums. These back links are not nofollowed. They are genuine, live, link juice passing links. They are presented as […]

Facebook Penetration Testing is Illegal Legal Permitted Investigative Reporting

My how things change in just a few years. Today, AP reporters proudly proclaim their “investigation” of a security loophole on Facebook, describing how they used the hack to peruse materials that clearly were posted to Facebook with an expectation of privacy: “A security lapse made it possible for unwelcome strangers to peruse personal photos […]

Urban Legend: You Can Trust (?)

For many years, I have trusted When my Dad circulates his “Glade air fresheners explode without warning while you sleep” warning emails, I refer him to Snopes where the “Urban Legends” are busted the way MythBusters do it on TV – with cold hard facts and evidence. Snopes has clarified thousands of scammy claims […]

Buzz Marketing chases Kids; Commercial Alert chases Buzz Marketing

Harper Collins’ Press Release describes Tina Wells, CEO of Buzz Marketing, this way: Tina Wells founded the Buzz Marketing Group, an innovative for-youth-by-youth marketing agency when she was 16. With more than a decade of marketing experience under her belt, and a network of over 9,000 teen consultants (“buzzSpotters(TM)”) worldwide, Tina now joins HarperCollins Publishers […]

Silverlight and Social Media – who did this one?

Silverlight Silverlight Silverlight the New Microsoft Silverlight blah blah blah. I’m a FireFox user, I Browse Happy, Flash is Cool and whatever silverlight is, I won’t really know much about it for like EVER, mmmmmkay? No reason Mr. Bean. Doesn’t Matter. Nope. But I’d really like to see cool smoke animation rendering….I often gaze at […]

Blog Courage: Will They Celebrate it Later?

Blog Courage: What it takes to publish a public opinion, despite. This post over at Coding Horror highlights the silencing of Kathy Sierra, the Creating Passionate Users author, as one example of how blog success leads to blog shutdown. Kathy was a big success, and death threats and negative attention somehow caused her to stop […]

New York Times as Web Citizen: Getting Better?

When i wrote “Greedy Bastards at The New York Times“, I was disappointed that newspapers, not just The New York Times, were publishing human interest and lifestyle articles about innovative people but denying them back links. When you agree to be interviewed by the newspaper, a reporter comes over to sit and question you, and […]

Shaking Out the Bad Websites in Google

Everyone is talking about Google’s PPC click thru rate being lower than expected… flat growth for January according to Comscore. I think there’s astory in there about reliance on Comscore-like reports, but that will be addressed soon enough. Perhaps a more interesting story is suggested by this comment from a pro-Google investment entity, as cited […]

Wikileaks IP Address (UPDATED below)

ORIGINAL: Just in case anyone was looking for, since their domain name was confiscated. Updated: 07/2011 now enjoy! Updated 12/2010: was now now see Updated 07/2013: was now… broken. Wikileaks moved from to and then moved to utilize the Cloudflare proxy system, in order to maintain […]

Google’s Microsoft Health Vault

When Microsoft announced Microsoft Health Vault, for storing and retrieiving sensitive personal health records over the public Internet, I commented with “Microsoft is first out of the gate announcing Health Vault, an online personal health information database of Google proportions.” Now that Google has regained its composure in the health database area, it is testing […]

Interviewed on Search Marketing Blog

I will be speaking at the SearchFest in Portland on March 10, which is hosted by Todd Mintz asked to interview me and then crafted some very interesting “a-typical” questions that were actually fun to answer. I’m not as confident as Todd that people want to know my views on Internet Privacy and How […]

Google Maps soon as Reliable As Wikipedia

The way things are going, Google maps will soon be as reliable as Wikipedia. A Google blog announced Google maps are now user-adjustable, and adjust we users will. For example, a resident of an apartment building in New York City decided the building address 510 East 20th Street would be better pointing directly to his […]

Modern SEO as Competitive Webmastering

I started this blog by calling online marketing a form of competitive webmastering. While what we do changes over time, the reason we do it is to compete with other web publishers for the attention of the audience. If they do something to help themselves out rank you, you will have to address that problem […]

Maturity is Knowing You’re not All That

If there is one thing I have learned in life it is that I have a lot to learn. That is why I study. That is why I keep my eyes open. And that is partially why I suffer frustration and disappointment when I encounter cheaters who disregard the common good to gain some short-sighted […]

More Search Marketing BS: The Players get their Feathers Ruffled

The other day I got upset about Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Land publishing an article which suggested search marketers could get “free links” by spamming the new Wired Wiki. I called his choice of headlines “stupid”. You can read it on this blog… it is the previous post. Not only was his an irresponsible headline, […]

“Get a free Link from Wired” was a Stupid Headline

If that “article” over at SearchEngineLand didn’t make you question the motivation of those guys, and their value to the search marketing community, I worry about your mental health. Believe it not, there is more to search marketing than paying Google for AdWords. And I dont mean there’s all the detail behind Google AdWords Professional […]

GoDaddy Pushes the Limits of Ethical Behavior, Too

With all the discussion of Network Solutions “stretching the envelope” of respectable behavior as a licensed, sanctioned and trusted domain name registrar, we shouldn’t let down our guard with respect to all registrars possible taking liberties with our data and trust. Just today I noticed yet another perversion of the registrar role, with GoDaddy. I […]

Domain Acquisition is Tricky Business

I have been buying domains since they were $150 each. I have been a “domain acquisition consultant” since I started making side money hand-crafting DNS records for others back in the early 90’s (Network Solutions was the only registar, and they did almost nothing for your $150). During the past year, domain acquisition has become […]

Greedy Bastards at The New York Times

I admired the New York Times for their SEO efforts in the past, and even followed up when some SEO people whined about unfair competition from the New York Times SEO efforts. But now The new York Times is demonstrating the greedy behavior that some of those SEO whiners feared. It’s not just The Times, […]

Modern SEO: It’s All About Knowing Matt Cutts

I’ve always had this odd distaste for conference photos, especially the ones where some guy stands next to you, gets his friend to take a photo, and then posts it on his web site as a sign of how you and he are buds. So I usually avoid it best I can. But Todd Mintz […]

Shoulda Pownced on

Is it still ‘cool’ to make Bad Domain Decisions? A long time ago, bad domain names were kool. They were difrent. Call it anti-establishment, or call it uneek, but it was cool to look stoopid. Before search. Not now. Really. No longer. Not cool any more. Nope. Kinda stupid now. Yup. Looks bad. Ugly even. […]

A Challenge for the Google Ph.D.’s : Explain THIS!

I agree personalization and alternative energy and Internet TV are important challenges, but when all those Ph.D.s at Google get done with those problems maybe they can get to work trying to explain this. I can’t, and it’s really bugging me so I could use some help from the Internet Brain Trust. I checked […]


By my casual observance is getting hyped is SEO/SEM world this quarter. I would never suggest they were “paying” for coverage, as that is against the Google guidelines (ahem) but it sure does look like someone is orchestrating a campaign. I remember whan Markus was citing them back in the day, and I got […]

The Stars of PubCon

At PubCon this year there were stars everywhere. Big Stars, and little stars. So far, no one has been able to tell me what they indicated. Most of the attendees got name badges with small star stickers attached to the outside lower corner. The same sort of sticker stars your 2nd grade teacher used to […]

Why I won’t be at Seattle Startup Weekend – Google Checkout

Updated: We don’t need no stinkin’ Google Checkout. I’ve registered via alternative means, and looking forward to it. Sigh. I was getting psyched about Seattle Startup Weekend in January. I know it’s odd, and I know it’s “cumbersome”, but it is real live meshing and I so love meshing with tech peers in a goal-oriented […]

Google goes Black Hat with Doorway Page Program

Google says this, Google says that, blah blah blah. And as Google rakes in billions and dominates search, who am I to question Google’s motives? Obviously it is all about money. But not “little money”. Big money. Serious money. A few hundred per day from everyone marketing products on the Internet. And since we all […]

More Canon Camera Problems: The Future is Bright for Reputation Management and PR

I have discovered that many of us web people are camera buffs as well. In the prosumer digital SLR market, there is little competition for Canon, just as here is little competition for Google in the search market. Nikon is the Yahoo!, with a loyal but shrinking following. The different between search and SLRs, however, […]

SearchFest Portland

Searchfest Update for 2009: SearchFest 2009 is March 10. See SearchFest 2009 Agenda and Searchfest Portland Registration page. Original post for SearchFest Portland 2008 follows: The folks at SEMpdx are putting together quite a show for SearchFest March 10,2008 in Portland at the Oregon Zoo‘s Cascade Crest Banquet Center. There will be concurrent, all-day sessions […]

New Google Logo Program: “We follow Google’s SEO Guidelines”

Sometimes you can’t compete with the BigBoys and just have to give up and make the best lemonaede you can. In the very competitive local space, I now see eLocal ranking some pages in my markets, and when I looked at their website at I discovered a new Google logo program. No wonder! How […]

Thank You Publishers

I would like to extend a sincere “thank you” to all you publishers out there welcoming posts and comments on your publications. Seriously… thanks. ThreadWatch was the first community site that I felt actually welcomed my contributions. I had been involved in most of the forums at one point or another, but ThreadWatch was the […]

Rose Colored Glasses and Rose Colored Kool-Aide

Someone emailed me today and called me curmudgeon-y. So I looked it up. Grumpy old man. Hah. I am not that old, and I am not grumpy. And I dislike that SearchEngineLand has labeled it’s hard-core SEO blog roll as “Old Fart SEOs”. I like appearing there, but I don’t like the label. Yeah yeah, […]

Shhh.. It’s Not Advertising, It’s Wikipedia!

Shall we wait another quarter to start introducing yet more advertising on the web, or can we slip it in now? We’ve barely gotten past the “paid links are evil” debates. PayperPost is not completely dead yet, and TLA and it’s sister companies are still alive. But since there is really no other way for […]

Basecamp Doesn’t need My Business

I have been using BaseCamp for a handful of smaller projects during the past year. At $49/month for secure access, it has been very convenient but borderline productive. I like to stay informed about emerging technology, and while I use ActiveCollab for hosted projects, BaseCamp has been super easy for smaller clients and low-activity, longer […]

PubCon Las Vegas: Yes or No?

It’s time to talk about yet another seo conference: PubCon Las Vegas. Yet another week of travel. Yet another chance to open the overnight bag and remove the laptop, remove the little plastic bag with shampoo and shaving cream, and remove my shoes so I can shuffle through airport security in my socks (ever notice […]

Google vs. Innovation

Okay, so I understand search is politics and I have long been an advocate of the “Google is not your friend” philosophy of life, but as a professional search marketer I have not been this disgusted with the search industry in many years. I was reviewing my post and noticing that Google had (manually?) […]

The SEO, the Press, and Pandering

As SEO has grown, I think the standards for the SEO profession have gone down. That’s not unexpected for any industry seeing rapid expansion. One hopes that over time, as millions of real estate people study for their new careers as “search marketers”, things will get better. But then, there is the Press. The Press […]

Shopping Ads Debut

Those ads on the right are not amazon or Google ads. They are ShoppingAds, a new cost-per-click program from the folks who bring you ReviewMe and TextLinkAds and AuctionAds. Click on “Ads by ShoppingAds” at the bottom of the ad strip,  to see what the program is about and consider signing up for your own […]

John Dvorak loves Google but Hates the Side Effects

Hey John D., it’s not so hard to understand really. First the disclaimer: I haven’t read John Dvorak for many, many years (since the 350 page per issue PC Magazine days). That said, I did come across this article of his and it is relevant to my current observations on Google and the press. in […]

If I were Google, I’d be just about to….

If I were Google, I would have been working hard for the past 6 months on something new, and it would now be “almost ready”. In early spring of 2007, if I were Google I would have recognized the strength of search marketing in the world today, (SEM/SEO and especially SEO), and reflected. I would […]