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Public Relations also known as “PR”

Social Media Marketing and Irrational Exuberance

I have some middle-aged Korean friends. The kind of Koreans that wear sharply-tailored, brass-button suits and traditional Burberry trench coats. They appreciate fashion at a level that eschews “common” trends like Louis Vuitton, in favor of hand-made unique accessories only recognized as fashionable by other, similarly-tasted and similarly traveled peers. They are extremely nationalistic, passionately […]

The Politics of Search: it’s just beginning…

When a blog gets “popular”, the blogger is faced with a quandary. Continue to do what has made the blog popular, or recognize that there is now audience expectation, and accommodate it? The audience is people, and people live by politics. If you don’t accommodate the people, you can find yourself on the wrong side […]

Search Marketers : study this list

If you are in SEO/SEM then you probably understand the historic value of a domain name from a marketing perspective. You are also probably increasingly understanding the market value of generic domains, and perhaps developed domains. But do you recognize just how fast this market is advancing? Adam Strong over at DomainNameNews just published the […]

Google Health Platform

Following Microsoft’s Health Vault, Google has announced that the Google Health Initiative at the Web Summit. As allof us involved with search already know, Google reminds us: Google is already the starting point for a large majority of the health-related searches on the Web Now we also hear that Googleis moving into local health commerce […]

Google, Users, Domainers and SEOs

Warning: Sometimes a blog post is less an essay than stream of consciousness… and some people may get headaches from wading through such a post (see the first comment – sorry!). The rest of you have been warned. By the way, according to the wiki, “stream of consciousness” was first defined by William James, the […]

Healthcare Search Marketing and C-Ego Ranking

Healthcare search marketing: what is it? I came across an SEO firm that claims a top search result for “Healthcare search marketing” and I am reminded of the debates about SEOs ranking for “SEO”. But then “healthcare search marketing” really is a broad term, and in no way as meaningful to it’s market as SEO […]

Stumbling since July 2004…

I joined Stumbleupon in July of 2004. Yes, I said 2004. So what happened to my account? I hate it when sites forget their early adopters. I know, back then it was a FireFox extension. I know, back then it was really, really small. I know, pre-Web2.0 and Social Media and all that. And that’s […]

Ad Blocking: the real issue

If you visited this blog with Firefox you probably saw a harsh redirect to the anti-firefox rant over at That was my intention. If you said to yourself “what is John smoking?” then good. That, too, was my intention. If you linked to me for any reason, then thanks, that was a hoped-for bonus. […]

Google’s Creative Class

Some time ago I wrote “content is king“. Simple enough. But I wasn’t echoing the staid SEO mantra of “just write good content“. I was saying that content, compared to everything else you generate as a web publisher, is the only asset you own and control. It is the content, and not the process of […]

Anyone remember Castro Convertibles?

In the 1940s when TV was starting, the first local television commercial in NY showed 4 year old Bernadette Castro opening the Castro sofa bed all by herself. That became one of the most frequently aired commercials of all time. At age 12, Miss Bernadette starred in a re-make which was the first color television […]

Digg’s Got Nothin’ on Sphinn

While everyone talks about Digg, sites like Sphinn are quietly reforming the online forum space in verticals, with a vertical affinity that has nothing but forward momentum. At the same time, Digg-like general interest sites fail miserably in the forward momentum department. The more generic they become, the more irrelevant they become to passionate users, […]

First to 100 Sphinns: Prove Yourself a Marketer

Sphinn, the social media site for search marketers, is shaping up. I have to say I am impressed with the way it has started to demonstrate real value. But one thing I would hate to see Sphinn suffer is “under achiever syndrome“. You know, where you try hard but stop pushing when it’s time to […]

Google Street Views, Privacy, and Surf Wax

A few years ago I was photographing surfers off the Northern California coast. My Jeep was parked at water’s edge, way out on a jetty.  I had a Canon 400MM fast telephoto lens, which is large and white like you see at NFL football games. A big lens, and very obvious. If you don’t know […]

I Can Has A ICanHas Domain

The whole “” thing is wacked, but the related “ICanHas_whatever” trend reminds me of the “wazzzup” craze a few years ago. Everybody was doing “wazzzzzup” impersonations, in the style of the beer commercials. Nowadays everybody is inserting ICANHAS into their otherwise normal conversations. Heard just today: Standing on line at Zeitgeist, the guy in front […]

F***, mom. It’s not profanity. It’s communication.

During an elevator speech on the lake front yesterday I said that I know the difference between a chaise lounge and a deck chair, a folding chair and a beach chair. And I suggested that ability to be one aspect of my SEO work which could not be outsourced. In technical school (University, Bachelor of […]

Mozilla Foundation Dumps Thunderbird Mail Client

The Mozilla people have put out a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a bugler to play taps for ThunderBird. That’s my take on this post by the Mozilla Foundation’s on the future of Thunderbird. I have to admit, the Mozilla foundation has irked me for a few years now. Ever since they went blatantly commercial, […]

Wow. Talk about Bad Press.

After publishing this ugliness, Time Magazine had better be completely arms-length from any online dating site that competes with eHarmony. Talk about nasty commentary, that article is as biased as they come. I have to wonder just how bad an online romantic experience the Time “reporter” had with eHarmony to cause that rant. Or maybe […]

Google Bids $4.6 Billion for Open Spectrum

As much as I know I will regret this later, I support Google’s effort to open the wireless spectrum use requirements. Unlike many pro-Google bloggers, I do not think this is a benevolent act by Google. And I don’t believe this is Google working to improve the world. However, the current (and former) telco industry […]

Organic vs. Natural Foods Traffic

I’ve seen type-in traffic referred to as “natural” traffic. In search engine optimization, we refer to earned search referral traffic as “organic” traffic. I suppose now all we need to do is define “artificial” traffic, and we’ll be ready for government oversight in the form of a Food and Drug Adminsitration for Internet marketing! The […]

Brett Tabkey Pissed, DaveN banned, Botnets Activated

I love a good conspiracy, but I just don’t see one here. Several people have pointed to this series of events and said “wow” but no matter how hard I try, I can’t see any connection between DaveN getting banned from WebWhatevahWorld and a massive UK-based botnet attack taking down WebWhatevahWorld, just concidentally the same […]

Seatle Domain Conference (Domain Roundtable) $100 discount coupon code

I have ten (10) promotional discount codes “johnon2” for the Seattle Domainer’s Conference next month. Put that code “johnon2” into the “promotional code” box when you register, and get $100 off the registration fee. This comes in from the conference organizers. Two years ago Sedo gave away 3 free tickets (old news), the hotel discount […]

SEOMoz Landing Page Optimization Contest – not “advanced”?

Rand over at SEOMoz announced a cool project – an open landing page optimization contest, verified by third party conversion tracking. This is cool enough to get even me to participate, except for one fatal flaw: a good landing page sells, and to sell, you have to know your product. The product in this case […]

But The Agency People Said….

As we watch the SEO world skip and jump around the yard, TheAgency people continue to catch up, increasingly controlling the message getting through to RealClients about the importance of search marketing, how it should be done, etc. It won’t be long… pretty soon all of the technical writers communications majors search marketers will be […]

What the Duck meets

Aaron interrupted me while I had photoshop open… and this is the result. It’s Not An Ad, it’s a “Welcome Screen”

Please give me a break and stop calling the interstitial/landing page ads a “welcome screen”. Please? I can just imagine hosting a house party, and putting a 40″ LCD on the outside of the front door. As a “guest” approaches, the LCD screen starts an animated commercial. It’s not a commercial, I will say, it’s […]

Who Paid ThreadWatch to Close?

An interesting question raised this morning… did SEOMoz or SearchEngineLand buy out competitor ThreadWatch? Directly or indirectly? Thought was (as expressed), that both SEL and SEOMoz have budding “communities” competing for attention. SEOMoz is “membership only” so you need to register to post comments, and there’s a monthly fee for “premium” status. In other words, […]

Google wants to be your Agency: Sicko Example

For quite a while Google has demonstrated it wants to disintermediate ad agencies. As Google sold more and more AdWords, and developed the AdWords management console, it became increasingly obvious Google was positioning itself to replace TheAgency as ad buyer and campaign manager. The API was handicapped, and the multi-account management is obviously unsupportive of […]

Negative SEO and Google Bowling

Forbes is running an article about something called Google Bowling, but they are calling it “negative SEO”. I’m not sure which I dislike more: SEO practitioners proudly (stupidly?) proclaiming their expertise at such things, or the press pandering to the public’s seemingly unquenchable thirst for garbage, even in the SEO space. Anyway Google Bowling is […]

ThreadWatch is for sale

ThreadWatch is for sale again. They have announced a limited time opportunity to buy it before they “turn it off” in 3 days. Classic all-in behavior from a classically macho web site. If it does go away, there’s plenty to talk about. I guess we have to wait and see…. Archives of SEO Discussions: John […]

Jason Calcanis -1, Brian Provost +0, Michael Gray -2

I admitted I watched the video of Michael Gray and Brian Provost and some other dudes as “seo” guests on Jason Calcanis’ show. The pain still lingers, but after a few drinks I can score the participants in reputation points. For those who aren’t open source types, a meritocracy grants reputation karma based on participation. […]

Online Reputation Management VooDoo

In a discussion in a search marketing forum known for it’s hardball approach to online marketing, a Social Media expert today suggested that reputation management might be traded for links. On the surface, that might not seem odd. But looking more closely…. I think it’s very interesting. As a search engine, Google values links, and […]

Buying Links from Anonymous Publishers : Poyfickly Leegull

This is the story of A Quandary. And it’s all Google’s fault. You need links. You already buy as many links as you can from Google, but you are tired of paying that middleman so you look out onto the web to buy direct from web publishers. An attempt to disintermediate Google, if you will. […]

Google Privacy: No Big Deal?

Hardly. Look how much time and effort is being spent on the Google Privacy report. Considering that any post about “Google” gets attention, considering that Danny Sullivan appears way earnest in his attempts to neutralize the Privacy International report card, and considering the scholarly debate ensuing in the comments, one has to wonder if this […]

Google: “endemic threat to privacy”

Life gets uglier for Google today (bold added): In a report released Saturday, London-based Privacy International assigned Google its lowest possible grade. The category is reserved for companies with “comprehensive consumer surveillance and entrenched hostility to privacy.“ Google had this to say: “We are disappointed with Privacy International’s report, which is based on numerous inaccuracies […]

Lawrence Lessig, Google, and Internet Commerce

Probably the last guy I want to argue with is Lawrence Lessig. The guy is clearly brilliant, and quite capable of making a case. And… he is known to be on the good side, behind major initiatives like the Creative Commons. But this time I have to disagree with Mr. Lessig and highlight what appears […]

Google’s Most Embarassing Moments

Prompted by Google’s public efforts to warn the world of evil lurking, I thought it might be interesting to highlight where Google could easily do more to protect the public. Let’s highlight some “low hangng fruit” for the good boys and girls of Google, should they care to improve SERP quality in the name of […]

VW Search Spam: Just Good Design?

SearchEngineLand says VW is search spamming, because the site has a content area set via CSS to “invisible”. The main page itself loads in Flash, which they also note. Last I checked Flash was a visible medium. A visual display of data. In other words, invisible to people with disabilities. Other SEO people followed on […]

It’s the client! Get the Search Guy on the phone…

Looking at notes from SES NY, I came across a discussion of how Agencies employ people like me for their search expertise, yet don’t always know how to handle that “secret” when dealing with the client. Do they allow transparency, telling the client they have a search guy on board, or do they pretend to […]

Forum owner: Don’t speak as me in 1st Person. Thaaaaanks.

This is a crazy environment, this Internet, but let’s not get too crazy, ‘k? I was gazing in amazement at the current Web Too land grab on proper names, noticing how many dozens of “companies” are now optimizing their pages for their users’ proper names, when I came across this post by someone named John […]

How to Build Your Twitter Friends List – Part One

Acquire or re-jeuvenate your ADHD (consult your doctor before discontinuing your meds, please). Sign up with Twitter. Post a Twitter Badge to your blog (see my sidebar), connect your IM to Twitter, or ask your bank to boost your credit line and connect Twitter to your cell phone text message account. Ask people to be […]

Blog Silence? What a Waste.

In my WordPress dashboard I saw a mention of “One Day Blog Silence”. I followed the link, and saw a page promoting a “day of blog silence” in honor of those touched by the Virginia Tech tragedy. What a waste. The blog world doesn’t need silence. The families and friends of those killed and injured […]

Google Buys DoubleClick, Announces Penalties for Non-Google Advertising

In a one-two punch sending many web masters reeling, Google has announced it is buying dominant Internet advertising system DoubleClick for more than $3 billion dollars, and deploying new algorithms designed to penalize web sites that accept paid advertising outside of the Google advertising network. In light of this action by Internet search behemoth Google, […]

Matt Cutts: “designed by” Links Will Hurt You in Google

Does your web design firm “require” a link on your web site, back to their web site? According to Matt Cutts, the Google Quality/Spam team manager, those back links will now be detected and labeled by Google as “search engine spam”, and your site will suffer in the search rankings. Matt doesn’t give a time […] is the new

I get unsolicited solicitations from search marketing companies all the time. Lately, they come with gmail addresses. I wonder if the gmail address is the new AOL address? We used to joke, “nothing says professional like an AOL email address” and these days I’m thinking the same thing about gmail. What I think when I […]

Matt Cutts MFA Splog

I’m not sure why someone thinks that Matt Cutts’ blog content is good splog fodder. SEO and webmastering don’t generally monetize at the top of the earnings charts for PPC, and without attribution to Matt, you don’t get the Matt Cutts name on there for poularity either. Maybe this full-text reproduction of Matt Cutts blog […]

“Brett Tabke Hates Me”

“I had people come up to me at Pubcon and ask me why I was not a speaker. I told them its cause Brett Tabke hates me.” – Jeremy Shoemoney on his blog. Wow. I loved that comment! It’s classic for SEO world. Looking past the obvious “come on Brett, can’t we make nice” aspect […]

My Little ThinkPad Power Cord Problem

There are a few premium brands I buy, which have determined themselves to be “premium”. It has nothing to do with advertising or marketing, user testimonials or price. They are premium because of performance, under the real-world test of my ownership. One of them is the IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad notebook. In the final year of my […]

I need an Award Program so I can Win Too

I just read a statement about a site winning a “best” award. It was in Marketing. It wasn’t the best. There’s no way it was the “best”. So I looked further. I saw another “award winner” for “best” from that same Awards Program. It was Best Advertising Network. It went to AdBright.  Huh? Okay so […]

You Must Be Logged In To Comment: Reverse Quality Control for Blogs

I rarely “subscribe” to blogs. It seems wrong to me. If a blog welcomes comments, then I can comment. If it doesn’t welcome comments, so be it; it’s one-way communication. But to welcome comments, but only from “subscribers”? Apparently that’s a kin to filtering the participant pool for quality — in reverse. Once you limit to subscribers […]

GoDaddy Has A Problem

GoDaddy has an increasingly serious reputation management problem. It’s been building for years. It seems that each year there are more frequent and more serious complaints about GoDaddy as a registrar, and these days it is reaching epic proportions. Web HOSTING was always the big problem before, but I suppose because of that we have all learned […]

Parked Page Blindness

I wanted to go to to check on the recent Thinkpad battery recall. I intended to type in L-E-N-O-V-O-.-C-O-M but I guess I missed cause I got a parked page. So I did it again… same parked page. Argh. So I did T-H-I-N-K-P-A-D-.-C-O-M knowing it would redirect to Lenovo’s ThinkPad website, but I GOT […]

ReviewMe gets a little Shmarter: Better than A Press Release

ReviewMe is a service for sponsoring product and service reviews by bloggers. You pick your property (someone’s blog) from the many, many blogs in the system. Each blog has a fee (less than most insertion fees out there in PR/advertising world) based on popularity and traffic measures. The blogger decides whether or not to highlight […]

Don’t Let Web 2.0 Fuzzy Focus Blur Your Competitive Business Vision

My first job was as an engineering tech for a small electronic instrument manufacturer. The company actually made things here in the US of A, by hand. They bought boxes of screws, drilled holes in sheets of beautifully-painted metal, and manufactured scientific instruments from the ground up. I put them together. Later, I was hired […]

This is my TV

Lest there remain any doubt about it, I turned off my TV 3 years ago, I pay Comcast for my Internet access (but don’t get cable television), and this is my TV.

I Love Short Posts.

They can be so productive.                        

Dear Googler: You’re likely Millions Richer, but any Smarter?

Okay so this post is really about Matt Cutts, but to be fair, it’s not personal. As an SEO/Compettive Webmaster, I’ve been working with Google for at least as long as Matt has, and we are all growed up now. Matt’s likely millions richer than he was when we started. But is he any smarter? I just read this post on […] : A Windfall for ?

Yes, it’s UTube vs. all over again, except this time the beneficiary of our broken domain name system is a parked page domain name monetizer, Eastwind Groups, Ltd. According to CNET, The two Danes want people hungry for Internet entertainment to roost at Joost. Company executives had referred to the new company for months […]

Black Hat vs. White Hat vs. Grey Hat SEO: The Definitive Guide

Let’s face it: as long as there is a logical-sounding, convenient (useful) label floating around, it will get used and mis-used. That is the story of “Black Hat SEO” and “White Hat SEO”. They are poor quality labels, poorly-defined (in practice), yet so easily “understood” and so convenient that they persist… year after year. Personally […]

Competitive Thinking: Do You Google Your Customers?

Do you Google your customers? Why not? Maybe it’s part of competitive webmastering. I enjoy working with ecommerce websites, especially when they are either 1. Really Big or 2. Really Small.  When they are BIG, they have people paying attention to things like conversion rates and proper split testing, and can accomplish things I might suggest, like […]

Another Vanity SEO Service, and One Guy Who Gets It

Well, yet another Vanity SEO Service has made the Web 2 dot oh circuit. This time it’s Ziki, and it’s the same again. “Hey Kids, you can own your own name in Google by signing onto our servers and building pages all about YOU (which we will monetize later when we own your name in Google)”. […]

16 Reasons People Hate SEOs

Todd posted “Top 16 reasons People Hate SEOs” and I thought it worthy of comment. First, I know people “hate” SEO because there are people out there branding them with the thought that SEOs are “hated” (like, um… Todd). Second, isn’t it funny how Todd titled his post “top 16 reasons” and not “16 reasons”? […]

Does Matt Cutt’s Think Google is Evil, or just Civilized?

Matt Cutts has posted a lengthy bit on the issue of Google being Evil. He says that internally, Google is a “polite, concensus-driven company”. Google the organization in many ways mirrors the character of its employees. Google is a very polite, consensus-driven company. Usually if you get everyone in the same room and everyone explains their […]

We Have A Winner! 43323

At Pubcon in Las Vegas and for a few days before and after Pubcon, I handed out my Signature SEO “Play to Win” business cards serialized. That is, on the reverse of each card was printed a unique serial number. Prior to that, I had picked a number of winners and written downthe serial numbers. […]

Merry Christmas to Ted Leonsis

Yes, you read that right. Merry Christmas to Ted. I don’t do SEO contests, but this one has been special so I played along. And I have learned about Ted Leonsis in the process. Ted rose to the top of AOL (not my favorite company) and stayed there (not something I usually respect). And along the way […]

Wanted: Paid Review Broker (a.k.a. My Review of ReviewMe)

I’m looking for a broker to bring me paid review opportunities. I am willing to review stuff (web services, products, books, videos, personalities, historical blunders, just about anything) in exchange for a payment. I will disclose the review as “sponsored” as appropriate. I will respond to any requests for paid reviews within 2 days, and […]

Ted Leonsis

The Ted Leonsis pages are moving along, but these pages seem to need some help: Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis Ted Leonsis

The Fundamentals

No, it’s not a band. It’s a set of basic elements that every web business needs to have covered. And Lee Odden does a nice job of setting them out on the YPN Signal to Noise blog this week “Getting your website noticed“. It may seem basic, but read it again because I can guarantee even […]

Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation ( Hot Steamy Erotica and MORE…

A few months ago, Google bought Youtube. It was a big story, with a $1.5+ BILLION dollar transaction. Millions of people had heard of YouTube, and hundreds of thousands used it often. Now HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS would hear about YouTube. At least tens of thousands would type it into the location bar every day, to […]

Andy Beal and Google: Think Happy Thoughts

I don’t know Any Beal, but I just read his “exclusive” report about Google’s click fraud being “less than 2%“. I think Andy Beal has been drinking too much Gool-Aide™. The “report” reads like a combination of informercial and Google Press Release. Think Happy Thoughts: Click Fraud is not a problem. Promotional language aside, the “report” is […]

Google TrustRank drops another point

The Google TrustRank in this case is OUR trust in Google. And MY trust in Google has dipped to a new low after I stumbled upon the Vaitman translations web site. Sponsored by Google, the Vaitman site is very, very deep and Google has indexed 156,000 pages of the main domain, not counting subdomains. The […]


RSS is the new search, but it is still a ways off from the GoldRush status of today’s SEO. Everybody and his brother is an SEO these days, but while anybody can have WordPress and an RSS reader, not everybody knows enough about RSS to optimize it. RSS optimization for marketing is exciting and very, […]

No more Akismet scanning

Sorry, but today Akismet caught 7 different dumps of blog spam which had each 400+ lines of href’s to IE7 exploit downloads (the one that launches embedded media player). All that garbage coming in means I won’t be scanning the Akismet catch basin any more. And that means that if you are one of those […]

Penis Enlargement, Halloween Costumes, Viagra, Pet Collars… and

That’s the currnet blog spam roundup. The typical phentermine spam, casino/poker spam, viagra spam, and Halloween costume spam, plus lots of “Nice Site” spam, one comment spam from an SEO firm in Colorado, and of course Jill got caught by Akismet (again). But this time I see a blog comment spam from Is UNICEF […]

Obligation Stifles Creativity, and other Myths of the Privileged Elite

My friend Stefan sent me a link to Steve Yegge’s blog. Everything that follows should be prefaced with “apparently” because honestly, that’s all I read. I don’t know Steve or anything about him. Steve is apparently a Google manager. One of those privileged elites that are “in charge” of developers that bring us such great […]

That’s not angry. Let me show you ANGRY!

Eric Eggertson over at Mutually-Inclusive PR apologizes for sometimes being a “pissed off”, angry customer. He outlines some good perspective for companies to note. He says he’s angry for a reason, he knows their script and wants attention, not canned responses. He even posted a laserized portrait of himself with red eyes, to make his […]

Where are the Public Relations Firms?

Michael Gray on Long Island notes that a Google search for “spinach” produces not one crafted public relations effort, despite almost a week of breaking news about e-coli contaminations of spinach, advisories to destroy purchased bagged spinach, and concern about the image of organic foods and farmers following this public health threat. A “spinach” query […]

Google bans site after unsavory cartoon portrayal of Matt Cutts

A Google engineer created an algorithm which banned an SEO website after the site published a cartoon lampooning Matt Cutts, one of Google’s highest-profile “engineers”. The site, known as SEO Idiot and run by “paul”, previously an AdSense publisher, and previously in good standing, featured a cartoon depiction of Google personality Matt Cutts as well […]

More Craig’s List Censorship

I am completely disillusioned with Craig’s List these days. I am seeing so much censorship I almost feel like it’s time to analyze just how much influence CL might have on the American public’s perception of their communities. Check out the RANTS & RAVES section of your local CraigsList. What do you see? Well, if […]

Telegraph steals blogger content?

Copyblogger is reporting that a Telegraph post attributed to telegraph writer Melissa Whitworth was actually copied exactly from the mediabistro blog, where it was published days ago. That’s wholesale copy of the entire first-person blogging, with no attribution, and beneath the byline of a telegraph reporter. Why was it discovered so fast? She must have […]

AOL wants to dig up the yard looking for Gold

Out of the “unbelievable” department comes a report that AOL (the company that accidentally-on-purpose released all that private search data) plans to bulldoze the yard of some folks in Massachusettes, looking for gold and platinum bars that an AOL spammer may have buried there. What?? Yes, they prosecuted one of the Spam Kings for spamming, […]

MAC notebook wi-fi hack

Yes, it’s “Hack a Mac in 60 seconds” and “Macbook easily hacked” and all about the Mac being susceptible to a remote wireless hack that gives the hacker complete access to the local machine. Is it true? Well, not really. The hack attacks a device driver that is used by some companies wireless cards, and […]

Too Cool for Web Too

There is no room for cynics in Web2.0 I was in a board room at the start of the first dot com boom, watching Price Waterhouse Coopers put on a Web1.0 face with a few ragged-headed , brash, linguistically-challenged yoots that “got” the Internet. The truth I determined during that meeting, is that the only […]

HitTail: it’s not SEO, it’s PR. Really.

A PR guy says “this is not SEO. Really. It’s not SEO. Nope.” What does that tell you? I have been interested in the cross roads of PR (public relations) and SEO for some time, but I have not seen a decent move from the PR guys lately so I wondered if they were capable. […]

Protected: Why I think affiliate program sucks

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

SEO and PR (Public Relations, not Page Rank)

I’ve been succeeding at SEO since 1996 so obviously I have understood the nature of the game as it changed over time. Actually, I never really participated much in the “hard core” SEO of the late nineties, where small technical tweaks earned temporary top ranks. I always played the long term SEO game, where thematic […]

Does PR have the stamina to run with SEO?

Someone calling himself “Daniel R.” has started a blog that explores the integration of Public relations (PR) and SEO. I call him “someone calling himself Daniel R.” because that is part of that I consider a problem with traditional PR when it says it wants to “get” the web. The web is largely about commitment. […]

Web 3.0 – Now It’s All About MySpace

MySpace. The biggest thing on the net since Instant Messenger. MySpace. The #1 destination on the web if you chop up Yahoo! into separate domains and services. MySpace, where dancing bears and shoveling construction workers can’t hold a candle to embedded video clips and simultaneous ring tone wavs blaring out from dark gray on black […]

Free Press Releases

Here’s the list of obvious ones, to which I will add more over time: PR Free Press Zoom Press Base Express Press Release Distribution Press World Open PR Free Press Release Free News Release I Newswire Newswire Today