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Category Archives: Link Building

Link building is the process of securing links to your site from other websites. When you need to get links, you run a “link building campaign”.

Page Rank Sculpting Still Doesn’t Work

Or maybe “Page Rank Sculpting Now Works Worse than Ever” Matt Cutt’s latest video clarifies (again) his position on the use of the rel=nofollow attribute within your site. This time, it’s bad. It does harm. To quote Matt, “it does more harm than good“. Like all SEO consultants out there (sans a very few), I […]

How easy is Black Hat SEO?

Let’s say you learn of a Drupal security flaw. Let’s say it permits an unauthorized SQL injection. Let’s say you figure out how to insert a backlink into the Drupal link list using that exploit. Drupal is a popular Open Source content management system, in use on hundreds of thousands of websites. Itis very good, […]

Stealth Link Building via Open Source Contributions

As I waited the two or three minutes WordPress2 needs to post a small edit to this blog, I wondered why I was so casual about ripping backlinks out of the WordPress templates I downloaded yesterday. That issue is blog-worthy, I think. So this time, I smartly opened a second tab before hitting “save”. So […]