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SEO is Search Engine Optimization and is the practice of finding ways to get web pages to rank highly in search engines, so that the search engines send relevant traffic to the website.

Vince’s Change to the Google Algorithm favors Brands

Matt Cutts of Google’s Search Quality Team posted a video response to the recent discussions of Google’s new emphasis on “brands”. He says Google doesn’t think interms of brands, but factors like trust authority reputation page rank high quality Matt says yes, “there has been a change in how we do some rankings”, and yes, […]

Who’s Watching Google?

Last week Aaron Wall of published his analysis of a significant change in the Google search engine. In late January, a marketer in the SEOBook private forum had observed changes in the Google search results, seemingly favoring larger brands over heavily optimized smaller brands. A minor discussion ensued, since this action appeared to reward […]

See a Need, Fill a Need, 2009 Edition

An older gentleman arrived at Starbucks the other day for a meeting with a 40-something tech entrepreneur. The younger man was obviously prepared to graciously host a meeting with his elder investor. The older man walked with a cane, wore thick glasses, and needed some assistance before landing safely into a Starbucks comfy chair. “Look […]

Ruining the Web: Google is Responsible and Capable

In search world we’ve long noted the power Google holds for shaping the web. We’ve long lamented the way Google has failed to put that power to good use, compared to the way it has put that power to work. Google is responsible for much of the character of today’s web (something Google’s own CEO […]

Affiliate Summit West Live Blogging

Gonna give this a try and see if the 3G connection enables me to blog some thoughts from the Affiliate Summit session on “the Future of Performance Marketing (Part 1). Part 1: Session focused on “Performance Marketing” or CPA (cost per action) going forward I hope it’s not all about subscription scams (that was sarcasm, […]

What is a Super Affiliate? On the Business of Affiliate Marketing

I’m not much of an affiliate marketer these days but with Affiliate Summit coming up in a few weeks, I’m communicating quite a bit with the affiliate community. I do play in the affiliate game, and as an SEO consultant of course I work closely with affiliates and publishers who work with affiliates. Yes, I […]

Affiliate Summit Las Vegas – Free Pass

If you use twitter you can easily enter into a drawing for a free conference pass to Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas January 11-13. Just tweet “I want to meet @johnandrews at ASW #asw09” and you’ll be entered into a drawing. A free conference pass is given away every Monday until Jan 5th, drawn […]

Affiliate Link Bashing and The Self-defeating Marketing community

I noticed that “Black Friday” is a very popular search term this month. I noticed that “Black Friday” is one of the top 5 topics on social platform Twitter. Of course there are affiliate marketing opportunities surrounding Black Friday, because it is a shopping event. Black Friday is followed by Cyber Monday, known as the […]

SEOs Do Your Homework

One of the good things about the modern social web is the associated ease of communication with distant colleagues… people who do similar work, but with whom I would not otherwise communicate. Professional associations and meetings used to enable such connections. Today meetings bring us the face-to-face aspect of professional relationships, but  we largely make […]

It’s Good Content, but is it “real”? Do you care?

The New York Times online is on a roll. I’m reading it again. Good writing, good stories, good photography, and (gasp!) hyperlink to other web sites! But as I admired this piece on a little foodie in New York City, I started to wonder. What kind of journalism is this now? Great photo. It tells […]

Yahoo GLUE Mashup

Another example… search engines need your content. What price do you set? See Yahoo! Glue Beta.

“Just Make Good Content” is Bullsh*t

The long running debate about White Hat vs. Black Hat search engine optimization (SEO) continues. It is getting harder and harder for the scammers to hide. The more they scam the world, the more money they make, but over time the impact of those scams starts to show. With exposure comes embarrassment, but embarrassment rarely […]

Reminder: Set Your Clocks and Check Your SSL Certificates

Here in Seattle we follow Daylight Savings Time so today is the day to “fall back” by resetting the clocks 1 hour back. Because here have been so many “irregularities” in IT world regarding the calculation of Daylight Savings Time, it is also a great idea to quick-check your various servers and systems to verify […]

Google has Priorities, just like my 8 year old

A few months ago Google was urged to add a “privacy” link to the Google home page. It was a big deal. We heard a selection of reasons why it was not possible, how it would be harmful, and why Google simply did not want to do it. In the end, with some drama about […]

Google’s Brand Arrogance & Typo Domains Revisited

I can count on one hand the number of SEO consultants I have met who understand Google’s perspective on brands. That’s not a good sign for those of you hiring SEO consultants. And, given Google’s recent public statements about brands, it’s also not good for the majority of the SEO industry still trying to optimize […]

It seems EVERYONE is stuffing your local Flash storage…

Once in a while I like to remind everyone of some of the trust points that exist out there in Internet land, and this time I will underline the importance of paying attention because dang, it seems just about everyone is stuffing crap into your local Flash storage these days. Everyone knows about cookies, those […]

Reputation Management Domains : SEO Online Reputation Web sites

So many projects, so little time. The following domains are being offered for sale pre-development and pre-promotion. That means you can buy them now, buy them in a few weeks after they have been promoted for sale, or pay even more next year when they have active content and traffic. – looks good […]

Live Blogging T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East, New York

I think that’s an attractive title… we’ll see how it goes with the wifi. Note to conference organizers everywhere — wifi makes for more and better dealmaking! If we can get online from breakfast, in seminars, etc. we do more and better deals! (I tether from my cell if necesary, but then I need a […]

New York Times trashes AOL Brand

I don’t think the New York Times ever publishes anything that isn’t intended to push some agenda. It seems to me every single headline and article has a mission. It’s not just news or information or entertainment, but rather some mission-based effort to make some point or present some perspective. So when I read today’s […]

Google’s Figured Out Better Ways to Know About You

Things are heating up world-wide when it comes to Google, privacy and competitiveness, so it’s no surprise that the rhetoric delivered to Google critics has gotten harsher. These days if you say things questioning Google someone will call you a conspiracy theorist, and someone will call you out on “negativity” or otherwise make a move […]

Google Chrome Bait ‘n Switch?

Update: Google has changed it’s Agreement to eliminate some of what is mentioned here, and since Google Chrome was released last week there have been at least two security vulnerabilities exposed. So if you downloaded Google Chrome last week and want to keep using it, be sure and re-download or otherwise upgrade to get the […]

I’m Going to Work for Google

I know this will come as a shock to many of you, but I’ve accepted a position working for Google effective September 1, 2008. After 5 years of full time independence as a Competitive Webmaster and SEO Consultant, and after building out hundreds of web sites for my own publishing network and a collection of […]

Automated Rank Checking: Thanks for Helping, Google

I want to publicly thank Google for helping me show my corporate clients that they should not be running or trying to run automated rank checking tools. Just about every client asks for a tool to automatically check position in Google. and most big companies insist on it. So that page at that clearly states “automated rank […]

No Guts, No Donuts

Loren Baker highlighted an interview of Aaron Wall over at PingPongPie, a web site I would not have otherwise discovered. Aaron said: The SEO industry used to be a tight knit community, but as social media has become more popular and too many people have been fighting for too small of a pie the industry […]

YouTube AudioSpam: Our World Gets Uglier

We all know that public figures and the people behind the institutions we pretend are individuals promote their own interests. We know they pay others to make them look good. We know they sometimes pay others to make ugly things go away or at least look prettier to the rest of us. In fact, most […]

Overpaying for the Privilege of Handing Over the Keys to the Kingdom

First, let me highlight an amusing snippet of text from a creative agency that claims to include SEO in their client work: “Many of our clients have spent countless marketing dollars with little success.” You have to love the irony. That is the “copy” on the website of an agency looking to earn your business. […]

Where’s Bill Slawski when you Need Him?

I applied for a Business Process Patent years ago because it appeared to be a way to protect a business model that larger, more aggressive competitors could co-opt. It wasn’t. I never knew why, and never got a straight answer from the patent attorneys I dealt with, but it was clear that large aggressive corporations […]

More Google Hubris from Amit Singhal

Someone once suggested we should be paying more attention to Amit Singhal instead of always listening to Matt Cutts. Google just published a statement from a “Google Fellow in charge of the ranking team at Google” named Amit Singhal. Last June, Singhal said that Google made about a half-dozen adjustments to Google’s ranking algorithm every […]

Is it Time to Block Flash for SEO Purposes?

Whenever I interview or otherwise evaluate an SEO, I eventually find my way to The Flash SEO Question: Name 3 ways to SEO a flash-heavy web site for Google/Yahoo!/MSN, not including “make an HTML version”. I consider it a Fermi question for Competitive Webmasters. Now Google has formally announced it is indexing the contents of […]

Google Content Widgets, by Family Guy Guy

Google desperately wants you all to create unique, original content. It needs the ad real estate, but perhaps even more it needs the continuous expansion of creative content to feed the growth of the ad business. Everything we’ve seen out of Google for over a year reflects the Goog’s serious commitment to advertising over search. […]

Competitive Web Publishing

I’m always thinking about web and Internet from a competitive perspective, because that’s really what we are doing when we optimize, seek search traffic, buy links, and forge alliances with like-minded website network operators: competitive webmastering. But that concept is not always palatable to people. There are plenty of pie-in-the-sky web publishers (and SEOs and […]

Airline Domains: TAM Airlines doesn’t own

TAM Airlines (TAM) is the largest airline in Brazil, and has been expanding operations. They used to compete with Varig in Brazil, which owns as well as, the Brazilian equivalent, and GOL. Airline web sites are notoriously badly configured for SEO, and these are not exceptions, but TAM airlines doesn’t even own […]

Think Tank – for domainers and web entrepreneurs

Think Tank is happening and I am now looking forward to it. I can personally vouch for the quality of Dave Klein (DK), who has put this together. He ran a charity poker tournament last fall that was nothing short of great, and several off us encouraged him to follow his instincts after he suggested […]

Advanced SEO

Update: See SMX Advanced Seattle post There was another SEO conference last week calling itself “advanced” and once again there was controversy about whether or not it was advanced. I stayed mostly out of the debate this time (as well as the conference), but I must note that an in-house SEO from put it […]

Better Faster Cheaper — not the case with SEO

I just completed 4 hours of SEO industry research, and I am marvelling at how this SEO business is inverted when compared to other industries. In the tech and manufacturing worlds, the mantra is “better faster cheaper“. Over time, what is available to us is better, we can do things faster, and we pay less […]

Less Trust for .info, .hk, .cn Top Level Domains

A security firm is releasing a report stating .hk, .cn, and .info domains are the most “dangerous” when it comes to threats of malware. Whether you like McAfee or not, search engines like Google and Yahoo and MSN are very likely to incoporate this “trust” factor into their operations, if they haven’t already done that. […]

Google Custom Search lets admins control site search

Breaking news: “Google lets admins control site search”. On a modest but significant scale, Google is sharing with its customers some of the control it wields over the search market. Via Techmeme, as published on CNET: As countless search-engine-optimization consultants can attest, Google maintains tight control over the parameters that rank the results of Internet […]

Banning SEMPO Members and their Client Websites

Effective today I am banning any SEMPO member company and every website they promote (SEMPO client websites) from any site on any of my networks, including this blog. I suppose I can file this is the “continuing to make friends in the SEO/SEM Community” category, but I’ve had enough of the garbage that is being […]

Selling Web sites Domain Assets Ice in Alaska

How do you value a web site as an asset? If your company is closing down, what is the web site worth? Increasingly common questions, for which there are no standard answers. And there won’t be any “standard answers” for some time to come. That’s not how business works at this stage of the Internet […]

Coming Full Circle: Blogging & Journalism

Journalism is a funny beast I don’t pretend to understand. As a consumer, though, I can say that I used to pay a lot of money to subscribe to certain products of good journalism. I paid in advance, and the information appeared in my mailbox. The currency of the information was judged by relative measures… […]

Why Keyword Domains Are Better for SEO

The DomainRoundTable Conference hosted Matt Cutts of Google and a panel of SEOs, to discuss search marketing and domaining. One topic of conversation afterwards was the value of keyword domains. Is a domain “better for SEO” if it contains exact match keywords? Matt said yes, keywords in the URL can help rankings, but you don’t […]

Dan Kaminsky on DNS and Trust

ISPs are placing the security and privacy of their customers squarely in the hands of a third-party ad company Dan Kaminsky is always fun (and scary) to watch, and he is describing how some ISPs are utilizing a 3rd party DNS service in an attempt to monetize user activity. According to Dan, that third party […]

What Matt Cutts Said at Domain RoundTable 2008

This is live blogging from matt’s session. It will update as I enter information. Matt said: about his role on the web spam team, he defined spam as sites that “rank higher than they deserve”. Go figure that one out. Matt asked how many people were into domaining because it was like a garage sale, […]

Live Blogging from DomainRoundTable San Francisco

I’m at Domain RoundTable, in San Francisco, with several hundred Internet entrepreneurs. Like other webmasters, these guys own the Internet. Unlike most webmasters, these guys own a significant percentage of the Internet. But besides scale, they have similar interests to other webmasters: managing risk, earning and monetizing traffic, navigating politics and managing cash flow. They […]

Google does WHOIS, again.

Google’s mission is to make a fortune off other people’s content organize the world’s information, and now Google and DomainTools are joining forces to bring the power of WHOIS lookups to the Google interface. Again. Google started hitting the Network Solutions WHOIS lookup without permission back in 2004 before Netsol promptly shut them out. That […]

Rank Matters

Well, maybe not Alexa rank, but they do make a rank t-shirt and z***** is pretty innovative… (Update: oh well, they disabled the hotlink. It was a picture of a custom t-short showing rank, but I guess they prefer no publicity over a hotlinked image. So much for assuming they were an innovative company…)

SEO Aware WordPress Publishing

By describing the strategic use of WordPress blogs for search marketing for a customer, I defined a process I am calling SEO-Aware WordPress Publishing. You start with WordPress, configured according to SEO best practices, and then … you don’t start publishing, but rather you get a little SEO training. Training in SEO copywriting, yes, but […]

SEO Humor

From, translation courtesy of Google: Yesterday in Pervoprestolnoy on art. Domodedovskaya metro after drinking for a couple of FlyAway juice, the body clearly alluded to the need to go in the toilet. Upon noticing the corresponding index on the wall in the form of tablets, brain machine has issued the full phrase is “a […]

Google Update April 2008

It’s still a “Google Dance” if you watch the datacenters, and confirm the update process with additional evidence such as new sites not getting included for a few to several days prior, despite indexing, as if the queue was backing up so the update could propagate. Also watch the international traffic referrals. They provide early […]

Domain Roundtable 2008: San Francisco

Updated: Message came in from the conference organizers: I received quite a few emails and calls this morning from people forgetting to reserve their hotel room at the discounted rate that ended yesterday. DON’T PANIC !!! The hotel has agreed to extend our rate until April 7. Our rate of $239 is only for the […]

WordPress 2.5 – take your time upgrading?

Usually it is best to wait a few weeks after a major software upgrade, to enjoy relative stability while your friends on the bleeding edge tear their hair out over bugs and gitches. WordPress 2.5 is no exception. After a couple trials, I can say: Post Slugs Are Gone. (Note: this has been updated after […]

Open Source Skills: Been There, Done That

As I wait for yet another install of Magento to delete itself, so I can install it yet again, I am reminded of my tech support days. Then, as now, this Open Source stuff is all about “been there, done that“. The more times you’ve done it before, the better you are at doing it. […]

First to 300 Sphinns: Thank You Bionic Sphinners!

Note: A few days ago, after proclaiming for many months that paid links are not allowed and arguing what does and does not constitute “payment” for links, Google has finally cleared up the confusion around the use of the nofollow attribute by publishing a living demonstration of the right way to barter direct back links. […]

Google Barters Backlinks to Show The Way

The Google blog (which routinely uses the “nofollow” attribute according to Google’s guidelines for link management, has just posted a set of direct backlinks to the people they are calling “bionic posters” in the Google help forums. These back links are not nofollowed. They are genuine, live, link juice passing links. They are presented as […]

Urban Legend: You Can Trust (?)

For many years, I have trusted When my Dad circulates his “Glade air fresheners explode without warning while you sleep” warning emails, I refer him to Snopes where the “Urban Legends” are busted the way MythBusters do it on TV – with cold hard facts and evidence. Snopes has clarified thousands of scammy claims […]

SEO Opinions, SEO Facts, and SEO Wisdom

These days anyone can label themselves an SEO and begin publishing and building an audience. At first, a few basic posts like “make sure you have good title tags” will attract readership and comments like “wow.. this is great advice! Now I’m getting more search traffic than before, thanks!” which help convince others you are […]

Still Domaining, even in 2008.

Several friends have been saying lately that “all the good domain names are taken“. Several domainer friends are sifting through their portfolios right now, dropping lesser names, and looking to list mediocre names for sale to raise revenue for buying premium domains on the aftermarket. I can’t help but think “buy on rumor, sell on […]

Silverlight and Social Media – who did this one?

Silverlight Silverlight Silverlight the New Microsoft Silverlight blah blah blah. I’m a FireFox user, I Browse Happy, Flash is Cool and whatever silverlight is, I won’t really know much about it for like EVER, mmmmmkay? No reason Mr. Bean. Doesn’t Matter. Nope. But I’d really like to see cool smoke animation rendering….I often gaze at […]

Managed DNS Services

I’ve been looking at availability of managed DNS services, considering a move away from my current provider. I’ll update this as I review the managed DNS services in more detail, adding links as appropriate. Please comment if you have helpful experiences to share. (I last discussed here) LoadDNS from […]

AdSense Alternatives – Alternatives to Google AdSense

AdSense Alternatives – Alternatives to Google AdSense I thought it might be interesting to look at AdSense Alternatives, to see options are available for monetization other than Google’s AdSense contextual advertising program. Let’s go to the SERP for “adsense alternatives” and see what the top 10 ranking sites are using for monetization: #1 Web page […]

New York Times as Web Citizen: Getting Better?

When i wrote “Greedy Bastards at The New York Times“, I was disappointed that newspapers, not just The New York Times, were publishing human interest and lifestyle articles about innovative people but denying them back links. When you agree to be interviewed by the newspaper, a reporter comes over to sit and question you, and […]

Trusting WordPress Plugins and “SEO for WordPress”

Over here in John Andrews Land we fight the status quo. WordPress is great, and the plug-in architecture is great, but we don’t build businesses on free, open source code unless we trust it. And we don’t trust free, open source code unless we have checked it. And we don’t rely upon free, open source […]

Shaking Out the Bad Websites in Google

Everyone is talking about Google’s PPC click thru rate being lower than expected… flat growth for January according to Comscore. I think there’s astory in there about reliance on Comscore-like reports, but that will be addressed soon enough. Perhaps a more interesting story is suggested by this comment from a pro-Google investment entity, as cited […]

Search Engine Strategies Conference in New York (SES NYC)

The Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo is scheduled for March 17-20 in New York City, just 4 weeks away. I attended SES San Jose last year, my first time ever at an SES (Last year I attended SMX Advanced, Adtech, SES, Domain Roundtable, T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East, and Pubcon in order to get a fresh personal […]

Do You Recognize Today’s (tomorrow’s) Affiliate Marketer?

Yes, I did suggest that affiliate marketing is an upcoming opportunity. No, I am not crazy. But I may have been crazy to assume some of the evolution of affiliate marketing was obvious, because it is apparently not obvious to everyone. What about YOU? Do you, or even can you recognize today’s evolved affiliate marketers? […]

Affiliate Summit Moniker Domain Auction: Opportunity?

Since I registered to attend AffiliateSummit in Vegas and commented about the alignment of Affiliate Summit and T.R.A.F.F.I.C. in the same city at almost the same time, I have heard feedback from domainers, affiliates, and SEOs about both events and domain auctions in general. I wonder now, is the domain auction at Affiliate Summit a […]

Microsoft aims at Yahoo!

Microsoft announced it offered to buy Yahoo! for $45 billion, and the search industry is going nuts covering it. Truth is, it’s just a press release describing an offer. We are far far away from Microsoft the corporation being able to buy Yahoo! Even if it were possible (and I don’t think it is), there […]

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. + Affiliate Summit + SMX?

Domainers and Affiliate Marketers… what a combination! Domainers doing asset development like SEOs because SEOs know how to get tons of search referral traffic. But I often think that one of the reasons many domainers who don’t understand SEO still like SEOs is because SEOs know affiliate marketing (and monetization in general) and domainers want […]

Magento SEO (search engine friendly Magento shopping cart)

Magento Book review: See down at the end of this article, a review of Packt’s PHP Development for Magento reference. There’s also a new recipe-like Magento book from Pakt on “sales tactics”, mentioned here, which I will also be reading. Social Media aspects are coming to Magento… you will soon be able to use your […]

The Google Sandbox : Now Applies to Domainers

The “Google Sandbox” is a time delay imposed on new domains, preventing them from ranking in search results unless they exceed some set of criteria known only to Google. It was named by search marketers who have since debated its character as well as its existence. Many new domains show no signs of “sandboxing”, while […]

Modern SEO as Competitive Webmastering

I started this blog by calling online marketing a form of competitive webmastering. While what we do changes over time, the reason we do it is to compete with other web publishers for the attention of the audience. If they do something to help themselves out rank you, you will have to address that problem […]

Domain Development & Liquidity: SEO will work for Equity

The domainer space is interesting and exciting for me because it is a rapidly changing market built on a disruptive concept, tightly linked to search marketing. It’s got style, including wild success stories and Big Courageous Egos, yet is actually quite simple in concept. In short, it’s beautiful. But like most things beautiful, it suffers […]

Hypocrisy Begins at Home: Sphinn is YOURS!

The search industry struggles with issues of “fairness” too much. Every year several issues come up where search marketers cry “foul!”, Google frowns sternly while waving a crooked finger, and talking heads at the most expensive Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization in the world roll their eyes in suggestively “knowing” fashion (it’s a front, folks. […]

Go Google Go!

Check your logs… we are in the Age of the New Google. Go baby, go! That’s what i want to say. Google is kickin’ it right now, with their latest “intelligence” at work in the relevancy portions of the algo. I don’t know if Matt & Co. are behind the improvements in the relevance, but […]

Maturity is Knowing You’re not All That

If there is one thing I have learned in life it is that I have a lot to learn. That is why I study. That is why I keep my eyes open. And that is partially why I suffer frustration and disappointment when I encounter cheaters who disregard the common good to gain some short-sighted […]

More Search Marketing BS: The Players get their Feathers Ruffled

The other day I got upset about Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Land publishing an article which suggested search marketers could get “free links” by spamming the new Wired Wiki. I called his choice of headlines “stupid”. You can read it on this blog… it is the previous post. Not only was his an irresponsible headline, […]

“Get a free Link from Wired” was a Stupid Headline

If that “article” over at SearchEngineLand didn’t make you question the motivation of those guys, and their value to the search marketing community, I worry about your mental health. Believe it not, there is more to search marketing than paying Google for AdWords. And I dont mean there’s all the detail behind Google AdWords Professional […]

Greedy Bastards at The New York Times

I admired the New York Times for their SEO efforts in the past, and even followed up when some SEO people whined about unfair competition from the New York Times SEO efforts. But now The new York Times is demonstrating the greedy behavior that some of those SEO whiners feared. It’s not just The Times, […]

Modern SEO: It’s All About Knowing Matt Cutts

I’ve always had this odd distaste for conference photos, especially the ones where some guy stands next to you, gets his friend to take a photo, and then posts it on his web site as a sign of how you and he are buds. So I usually avoid it best I can. But Todd Mintz […]

Shoulda Pownced on

Is it still ‘cool’ to make Bad Domain Decisions? A long time ago, bad domain names were kool. They were difrent. Call it anti-establishment, or call it uneek, but it was cool to look stoopid. Before search. Not now. Really. No longer. Not cool any more. Nope. Kinda stupid now. Yup. Looks bad. Ugly even. […]

A Challenge for the Google Ph.D.’s : Explain THIS!

I agree personalization and alternative energy and Internet TV are important challenges, but when all those Ph.D.s at Google get done with those problems maybe they can get to work trying to explain this. I can’t, and it’s really bugging me so I could use some help from the Internet Brain Trust. I checked […]

The Stars of PubCon

At PubCon this year there were stars everywhere. Big Stars, and little stars. So far, no one has been able to tell me what they indicated. Most of the attendees got name badges with small star stickers attached to the outside lower corner. The same sort of sticker stars your 2nd grade teacher used to […]

Google Knol – Bestest Article Site EVER

Well, as soon as I rant-parodied Google’s ADWords program, comparing it to “black hat” SEO doorway pages of yesteryear, Google took the next step towards SEO/publisher disintermediation with the announcement of “Knol”, a spam article submission site. Gee, can you guess what Google will do next? Proxy page title elements in the index with “better […]

Google goes Black Hat with Doorway Page Program

Google says this, Google says that, blah blah blah. And as Google rakes in billions and dominates search, who am I to question Google’s motives? Obviously it is all about money. But not “little money”. Big money. Serious money. A few hundred per day from everyone marketing products on the Internet. And since we all […]

SearchFest Portland

Searchfest Update for 2009: SearchFest 2009 is March 10. See SearchFest 2009 Agenda and Searchfest Portland Registration page. Original post for SearchFest Portland 2008 follows: The folks at SEMpdx are putting together quite a show for SearchFest March 10,2008 in Portland at the Oregon Zoo‘s Cascade Crest Banquet Center. There will be concurrent, all-day sessions […]

Stupid Black Hat Discussions

Seriously, since when did efficiency become “black hat”? I suppose nowadays with all the newbies using WordPress and calling themselves SEOs, actual coding skillz are Black Hat too? Competitive Webmastering. That comes as back office efficiency, strategic cleverness, mad tactical skillz, incredible stamina, unbridled aggressiveness, or any number of other forms.   Read my lips: just […]

Google Wants to Rank Your Page #1

I had this conversation several times here at PubCon, so I suppose I should memorialize it in a blog post. Google really does want your page to rank #1….. for something. It’s 3:34am and I’m beat, but let me at least put this out there for search marketers to think about: 1. Google reads everything […]

Dan Perry takes the Pot at Purpose Inc. SEO Poker Tournament

Golfer Dan Perry won the SEO Poker tournament tonight (this morning!), beating Jeremy Shoemaker (ShoeMoney) for the title. It took five hours plus, with the final rounds running $1000 ante and $6000 blinds. Upon receiving his winnings, Dan generously tipped the casino crew and handed a $500 chip over as an additional donation to […]

Matt Cutts Works Too Hard

This post should be required reading for anyone in search marketing. Matt Cutts goes all out and works a long night of comment feedback, with plenty of details, providing insights into the Google approach to the paid links issue. Cameo appearances (in true form) by Michael Gray and ThatDougGuy, but pay attention to how hard […]

mobile phone novels (keitai shousetsu) – not in the USA

When my American friends discuss innovation, I often get annoyed at their dedication of passion to their uninformed opinions. If only they would put some of that energy into study, eh? TechCrunch (today’s version of Red Herring, according to some lol) is reporting that “In Japan, half the top selling books are Written on Mobile […]

New Google Logo Program: “We follow Google’s SEO Guidelines”

Sometimes you can’t compete with the BigBoys and just have to give up and make the best lemonaede you can. In the very competitive local space, I now see eLocal ranking some pages in my markets, and when I looked at their website at I discovered a new Google logo program. No wonder! How […]

SEO Poker

Rose Colored Glasses and Rose Colored Kool-Aide

Someone emailed me today and called me curmudgeon-y. So I looked it up. Grumpy old man. Hah. I am not that old, and I am not grumpy. And I dislike that SearchEngineLand has labeled it’s hard-core SEO blog roll as “Old Fart SEOs”. I like appearing there, but I don’t like the label. Yeah yeah, […]

Shhh.. It’s Not Advertising, It’s Wikipedia!

Shall we wait another quarter to start introducing yet more advertising on the web, or can we slip it in now? We’ve barely gotten past the “paid links are evil” debates. PayperPost is not completely dead yet, and TLA and it’s sister companies are still alive. But since there is really no other way for […]

PubCon Las Vegas: Yes or No?

It’s time to talk about yet another seo conference: PubCon Las Vegas. Yet another week of travel. Yet another chance to open the overnight bag and remove the laptop, remove the little plastic bag with shampoo and shaving cream, and remove my shoes so I can shuffle through airport security in my socks (ever notice […]

Google vs. Innovation

Okay, so I understand search is politics and I have long been an advocate of the “Google is not your friend” philosophy of life, but as a professional search marketer I have not been this disgusted with the search industry in many years. I was reviewing my post and noticing that Google had (manually?) […]

The SEO, the Press, and Pandering

As SEO has grown, I think the standards for the SEO profession have gone down. That’s not unexpected for any industry seeing rapid expansion. One hopes that over time, as millions of real estate people study for their new careers as “search marketers”, things will get better. But then, there is the Press. The Press […]

John Dvorak loves Google but Hates the Side Effects

Hey John D., it’s not so hard to understand really. First the disclaimer: I haven’t read John Dvorak for many, many years (since the 350 page per issue PC Magazine days). That said, I did come across this article of his and it is relevant to my current observations on Google and the press. in […]

If I were Google, I’d be just about to….

If I were Google, I would have been working hard for the past 6 months on something new, and it would now be “almost ready”. In early spring of 2007, if I were Google I would have recognized the strength of search marketing in the world today, (SEM/SEO and especially SEO), and reflected. I would […]

Social Media Marketing and Irrational Exuberance

I have some middle-aged Korean friends. The kind of Koreans that wear sharply-tailored, brass-button suits and traditional Burberry trench coats. They appreciate fashion at a level that eschews “common” trends like Louis Vuitton, in favor of hand-made unique accessories only recognized as fashionable by other, similarly-tasted and similarly traveled peers. They are extremely nationalistic, passionately […]