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Like, only better.

Dedicated Class “C” IP addresses for SEO

The liars and schemers in the world are costing all of us a lot of money and “happiness” every day, but get away with it because in general, good people forgive them. So the bad guys go on and on hurting others. What does this have to do with SEO? Hah! Everything. I just spent […]

Ten Top SEO Blog Content Strategies

Looking for a content strategy for your SEO blog? Learn from the best! Scour the SEO feeds and twitter lists, and notice what works for the SEO crowd. I did, and I compiled this Top Ten list of SEO Blog Content Strategies. Top Ten SEO Blog Content Tips for 2010 1. Make a “Top 10 […]

Pick your Poison: An SEO at the Pub

In suburban America in the 80’s, everyone had a home bar, and everyone wanted to know everyone else’s drink. You wanted to be able to take a guest aside to the bar and serve him what he liked…make him feel special. The town hall people, the lawyer down the street, the cardiologist that gave out […]

POST  S E O   S E C R E T   No. 7

Shoemoney, Paris Hilton, and the little man with the red cape in SEO Secret No. 7

POST  S E O   S E C R E T   No. 6

SEO Secret is like Post Secret, but for online marketers. You know who you are. Number 6 i sposted… my how we distort reality with our online personalities….SEO SECRET


SEO swag, and how having a passion for what you promote is for sissies. See SEO Secret No 5.


I enjoyed creating the first 4 SEO SECRETs so much I moved them to their own page here: SEO SECRET Be sure to click around for the hidden gems. I have more to post already, and some fresh secrets from you all out there.. . . CLICK HERE FOR SEO SECRET (new window) . . […]

POST  S E O   S E C R E T   #4

Adapted from “Lonely” sketch by Amir Khella

POST  S E O   S E C R E T   #3

POST  S E O   S E C R E T   #2

POST S E O  S E C R E T  #1

SEO Secret. Like, only better. You know you want to confess.