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ThreadWatch was started by Nick Wilson as an edgy, aggressive SEO blog dissing the SEO establishment in favor of outcome-based metrics and performance.

Cuttlets are for Sissies

Here come the Cutlets, where are the nuggets? Matt Cutts is a Google employee. He tried to be a leader among SEOs interested in Google, but has failed at that. Instead, he has gathered (some say created) a flock of hyper-aggressive, almost righteous “Cutlets” who listen to his gospel and fill his blog with oddly […] gets competitive with nofollow attribute

Today the SEO world noticed that has added “no follow” attributes to many of their listings. Since is a major player in the “important back links” game, this is significant. A nofollow attribute is read by Google as a signal that the link is not to be trusted as a recommendation for the […]