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Category Archives: Silliness

Sometimes what happens out there in the world is just plain silly. Sometimes we forget that. Here are some reminders.

Cloud Storage

A poet friend recently got upset about a bill he received for Google’s cloud storage. He wasn’t aware of his wife’s increased use of his online storage account, which incurred a fee on his credit card. He complained to Google, including a small rant: “What the hell is a “Cloud Platform”?????? Do clouds need platforms? […]

He Can’t Play but He Sure Can Edit

[youtube: 350 350] Gotta love the cranium taps. Found at Hedge’s House

Happy Morning to You, Too

(Hat tip to the guy who makes the Del Norte bike and who works hard to help all of us avoid living a bummer Life.) This “commercial” makes me want to go buy a can of Folger’s Coffee, so I can jab at it with an ice pick, slam it over and over with my […]

A Dream within A Dream

What am I, a mind reader?

Sitemaps is for Sissies

I just watched the WebProNews interview with Vanessa Fox (via TheBuzzBox), where Rand Fishkin asked Vanessa about Sitemaps. Basically, Dave Naylor said sitemaps is for SEO sissies, and Rand wanted to know if Dave is right (or something like that). Vanessa seemed to agree with Dave Naylor: you don’t need to use sitemaps if your ok […]

This is for you. You know who you are.

I wandered over here and saw this link to a Mac vs. PC video that reminds me of a few people I know (especially the Jack Russel Terrier part). But, in the end I dedicate this post to YOU. You know who you are, you former PC, former Mac, PC user.

Danny Sullivan Handcuffs

Danny, Danny, Danny,…tsk tsk… what did you do to deserve handcuffs? Mr. Sullivan (Danny to most SEOs) was “handcuffed” but is now free. And while some call them Golden Handcuffs, and others call Danny Sullivan’s handcuffs “pink fluffy handcuffs” or “pink furry handcuffs“, they are, nonetheless, handcuffs. The Danny Sullivan handcuffs link love will outlast […]

How to be Web 2.0 Cool

Once again I’m trying out some Web 2.0 applications, and once again I am struck by the style. A few observations: I am going to have to extend my name. Two names are not enough in Web 2 land. Problem is, I only have two so I’llhave tomake up the rest. Something like John Brandon […]

Google serving porn ads?

Try it for yourself. Put this adsense pub-id onto a porn page, and damned if you don’t get racy porn banner ads from Google. The full Google AdSense script is : Thanks to my favorite adult webmaster incrediBill for the tip. PS: Hey Google: Why do you let scrapers put AdSense ads onto illegal copies […]

Wanted: Craig’s List Manipulators

WANTED: Junior level Scammers and Spammers as apprentice Craig’s List Manipulators Background: Craig’s List is a community classifieds web site with city-specific sections for most major United States cities. Within each city are sections for free classified ads in everything from real estate to computer jobs to pet adoption. Craig’s List has replaced the local […]

Top Eight AdSense Mistakes Webmasters Make

I just read one of the many “Top Ten” lists telling people how to make money with AdSense, and how to avoid getting banned by Google. I was inspired to make my own “Top Eight AdSense Mistakes Webmasters Make”. 1. Don’t do anything that won’t make Google richer. Google is greedy. It’s all about the […]

Mark Cuban asks for ideas?

Mark Cuban asks for ideas on getting people to go see a movie in his post “The Movie Business Challenge“. I have some ideas, but they are not brilliant ideas. They are basic concepts of business. I think his assumption that people don’t want to go see movies is flawed. They do. Or at least […]

Once a scammer, always a scammer?

On the web you get to pick your audience. If you are brick & mortar, and you move online, your audience is defined for you. But Internet pure-plays like, oh, say a blogger self-help site, get to pick their audience. Look at the blogger community as a pie, and grab a slice. So do you […]

MySpace Girls get Suicidal

In a flip of the words, look at the hit count for mentions of suicide on MySpace: Google shows 29.1 million pages for Google shows 1.86 million of those include the word “suicide” If you remove “goth” you still get 1.75 million, so that’s not it. Adding “depressed” didn’t do much to the count […]

I’m a technologist blogger writer artist Internet guy bum.

Since I re-started this blog under my own name I have been reading a few more blogs than usual. It dawns on me that this Internet thing that transformed our work environments, and transformed our careers, has simply removed inhibitions. The latent artists and writers that failed to “be themselves” but instead went onwards with […]

Graywolf has been drinking the IncrediBill coolaid

“412: Precondition Failed” We’re sorry, but we could not fulfill your request for / on this server. We have established rules for access to this server, and any person or robot that violates these rules will be unable to access this site. Oops. It appears I have pissed off GrayWolf’s server. Or he’s been drinking […]

POST  S E O   S E C R E T   No. 7

Shoemoney, Paris Hilton, and the little man with the red cape in SEO Secret No. 7

POST  S E O   S E C R E T   No. 6

SEO Secret is like Post Secret, but for online marketers. You know who you are. Number 6 i sposted… my how we distort reality with our online personalities….SEO SECRET


SEO swag, and how having a passion for what you promote is for sissies. See SEO Secret No 5.

Top Rank for Christine Dolce Nude in Yahoo after 2 days

I posted about Chrstine Dolce Naked two days ago. There you go. After just two days, on a poorly-configured blog that is but a week old, on a domain that is about the same age, #1 in Yahoo! for Christine Dolce Nude and #3 for Christine Dolce Naked. Wow, look Mom, I’m an SEO! These […]

How Big is Randfish’s Tool?

Seattle SEO guy Randfish has published a new tool that analyzes your web page and computes a score that may be more indicative of “strength” than Google’s infamous PageRank. I visited the site, and ran the tool. This blog is brand new, and Google gves it a Page Rank (toolbar) of one big fat ZERO. […]

POST  S E O   S E C R E T   #3

POST  S E O   S E C R E T   #2

POST S E O  S E C R E T  #1

SEO Secret. Like, only better. You know you want to confess.