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Category Archives: Silliness

Sometimes what happens out there in the world is just plain silly. Sometimes we forget that. Here are some reminders.

Danny Sullivan Handcuffs

Danny, Danny, Danny,…tsk tsk… what did you do to deserve handcuffs? Mr. Sullivan (Danny to most SEOs) was “handcuffed” but is now free. And while some call them Golden Handcuffs, and others call Danny Sullivan’s handcuffs “pink fluffy handcuffs” or “pink furry handcuffs“, they are, nonetheless, handcuffs. The Danny Sullivan handcuffs link love will outlast […]

How to be Web 2.0 Cool

Once again I’m trying out some Web 2.0 applications, and once again I am struck by the style. A few observations: I am going to have to extend my name. Two names are not enough in Web 2 land. Problem is, I only have two so I’llhave tomake up the rest. Something like John Brandon […]

Google serving porn ads?

Try it for yourself. Put this adsense pub-id onto a porn page, and damned if you don’t get racy porn banner ads from Google. The full Google AdSense script is : Thanks to my favorite adult webmaster incrediBill for the tip. PS: Hey Google: Why do you let scrapers put AdSense ads onto illegal copies […]