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Category Archives: Silliness

Sometimes what happens out there in the world is just plain silly. Sometimes we forget that. Here are some reminders.

Wanted: Craig’s List Manipulators

WANTED: Junior level Scammers and Spammers as apprentice Craig’s List Manipulators Background: Craig’s List is a community classifieds web site with city-specific sections for most major United States cities. Within each city are sections for free classified ads in everything from real estate to computer jobs to pet adoption. Craig’s List has replaced the local […]

Top Eight AdSense Mistakes Webmasters Make

I just read one of the many “Top Ten” lists telling people how to make money with AdSense, and how to avoid getting banned by Google. I was inspired to make my own “Top Eight AdSense Mistakes Webmasters Make”. 1. Don’t do anything that won’t make Google richer. Google is greedy. It’s all about the […]

Mark Cuban asks for ideas?

Mark Cuban asks for ideas on getting people to go see a movie in his post “The Movie Business Challenge“. I have some ideas, but they are not brilliant ideas. They are basic concepts of business. I think his assumption that people don’t want to go see movies is flawed. They do. Or at least […]