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for the impatient

from john andrews says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. November 23, 2011 at 12:55 pm Thanks for the thoughtful blog post. I completely appreciate it. I wish more people would do such work, and help establish their personal brands I suspect however you may have a bias. A “blindness” created by your white hat […]

LinuxFest Northwest 2009

LinuxFest Northwest 2009 takes place April 25 & 26th, at the Bellingham Technical College (BTC). This is the 10th anniversary of LinuxFest. Check out the web site: Linuxfest Northwest 2009.  

What Price, Worldwide Embrassment?

I supposed we’ve gotten used to our Federcal Communications Commission (FCC) failing to do much useful with the 300 million taxpayer dollars we give them every year. But now we have a new value consideration for American taxpayers: what is world wide embarassment worth? What is the value of the FCC propping American’s up as […]

Canon MkIII Autofocus Problems: Update

It seems the Internet is changing things for the better. In my last post about the Canon EOS-1D MkIII autofocus, I commented how camera manufacturers get away with shipping inferior computerized cameras because we users cannot afford to properly test the single units we purchase. If you get a soft focuser or a stutterer you […]

Canon 1DMkIII back focus problems

No cat posts for me but sometimes I want to post about my non-SEO work (Mountain Biking, Digital Photography, Kayaking, Sailing, Hiking). I’ll keep it to technology, though, because I do have another blog for family stuff. Those who know me as a photographer have likely heard my rants about how computerized (digital) cameras  provide […]

Choosing a Projection Screen

It’s time to install a home theater and video game projection screen. I’ve been projecting against a white wall for a few years now, but the kids are spending more time at other kids’ houses and starting to complain about my less-than-stellar “projection wall”. I looked online and now I am starting to appreciate the […]

Bodum Pavina: Today’s Cure for Desk Boredom

Bored? Staring at yet another day of SEO from your desk or laptop, and less than thrilled with the idea? To much grunt work awaiting, so no time to explore and refresh the curiosity brain cells, yet feeling less than stellar in the productivity department due to that blah-zay boredom? Yeah, me too. Truth is, […]

Where are the Contextual Job Listings?

I write a blog post about PHP, and in the sidebar should be a link roll of PHP jobs. I write about SEO and in the sidebar should be a link roll of internet marketing jobs. If I were hiring a web designer, I would target a beautifully rich long tail of attractors for my […]

External Validation…. $5

I’ve decided to offer a new service called It’s like Yahoo Research and Google Answers and wikipedia, because it basically answers your questions using Internet information. You ask a question, and the service checks the internet, compiles and answer, and spits it back to you authoritatively. No “if’s”, no “might be” and no “some […]

Nintendo DS Lite: Super Mario World 8, Level 7 8

Just thought I’d let you know where I’m at. Update: for those looking for Super Mario hints.

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About John Andrews

It’s Holiday Blog Tag time, where if you get tagged by another blogger you write five things most people don’t know about you and then tag five others so they can do the same. I’ve been tagged several times over the past week so I give in.. here’s my 5 Things: I worked for Publisher’s […]

Nintendo DS Lite and Opera Browser

At Pubcon I was a lucky winner of a Nintendo DS Lite from the Opera booth. I have to admit, I didn’t even know what that was, but I have always loved the Opera browser and especially on my mobile device (Windows Mobile 5). The Opera Mobile browser automagically re-renders an html page to fit […]

Google Negotiating Access to Lightpoles for Google WiFi

This is not SEO, but it is about Google and Google’s desire to “own” municipal WiFi. Google and Earthlink have a partnership for WiFi in San Francisco, and it seems Google is also, in addition to the partnership with Earthlink, asking for separate “real estate” rights on 1500 light poles in San Francisco. Light poles […]

I love Starbucks, but not for the Coffee

Starbucks is a wonderful invention. Coffee house for those who need a coffee house, meeting place for those who need a meeting place, and mobile office for those of us who like to work and meet people in a coffee house. I spend about $200/month in Starbucks, not including the funds I add to Starbucks […]

How to be Web 2.0 Cool

Once again I’m trying out some Web 2.0 applications, and once again I am struck by the style. A few observations: I am going to have to extend my name. Two names are not enough in Web 2 land. Problem is, I only have two so I’llhave tomake up the rest. Something like John Brandon […]

The VA: Leading the Way in IT

A few years ago someone handed me a document describing the Department of Veteran’s Affairs IT organization. It was an impressive print from a nicely-done PDF file. It would have surely been all glossy if it had been one of the hard copy editions I imagined were passed around the higher circles of Washington. I […]

Externalizing Piracy via iPod: Music Industry slower than Auto Industry?

Hard to believe any industry could be worse at adopting innovation than the US auto industry. But, as usual, the RIAA member companies surpirse us once again. Ford and GM are externalizing the costs of changing the music industry, by pausing adoption of sattellite radio and moving forward with iPod integration. You, the pirate consumer, […]

SEO Audits. Are they any good?

SEO Audits. I wonder, are they any good? I am sometimes asked to do audits, but I have declined. Something about the idea bothers me. I can certainly see how SEO Audits could be good for the SEO, but are they good for the typical seo audit requesting customer? Who asks for audits, anyway? When […]

Googbye WebmasterWorld

Many years ago when I was learning what the web was all about, I found WebmasterWorld. Like everyone else, I found it via the search engines. In fact, once Google was fully operational, I could ask it just about any HTTP question and Google would say “here’s what WebmasterWorld has on that”. I lurked for […]

37Signals: Is it Get Real? Or is it Get Over Yourself?

In my post “37Signals reveals the Secrets of How and Why they disappoint me.. for $19.99” on I said about the “Get real” book: I believe there’s genius in that guy and his homies. but I also expressed my disappointment in their execution of what they said they did. I didn’t see it ringing […]

Spin Meisters – it takes one to know one

I have been known to suggest that Matt Cutts of Google likes to foster propaganda that makes competitive webmasters look like evil Black Hat wearing villains hurting the community-owned and all-magnificent public resource known as the Web. I think he loves the idea of “spam” being associated with “search engine”, and has on more than […]


I enjoyed creating the first 4 SEO SECRETs so much I moved them to their own page here: SEO SECRET Be sure to click around for the hidden gems. I have more to post already, and some fresh secrets from you all out there.. . . CLICK HERE FOR SEO SECRET (new window) . . […]

Free Press Releases

Here’s the list of obvious ones, to which I will add more over time: PR Free Press Zoom Press Base Express Press Release Distribution Press World Open PR Free Press Release Free News Release I Newswire Newswire Today