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…unrelated: another good movie “Clean” with Maggie Cheung

There is no better way to survive a cold that keeps you from sleeping than a DVD from Film is Truth, 24 Times a Second. Last night was “Clean“, starring Maggie Cheung and Nick Nolte. It was written by director Olivier Assayas for Cheung to play the lead, and it shows. Assayas and Cheung were married for 4 years, and divorced while this film was in the works, before it was shot. I’m betting it was therapeutic for him to make this film… he’s was either still in love with Cheung or completely interested in her as a human character…yet unable to be hers anymore.  I doubt very much their’s was a bitter divorce. Actually.. I just Googled the divorce and yes, it seems there was some fundamental conflict in lifestyle involved. She says she was very sad to get the papers while working on the film, and that she had been away for almost a year filming with Wong Kar-wai in China. Based on this film, I’m seeing director Assayas portraying a character he remains intimately interested in as a human. Thanks for sharing.
The IMDB reviewer says the film made a waterfront in Hamilton look beautiful… I think it made a waterfront in Hamilton look like a waterfront in New Jersey. Anyway it was a gritty film about addicition that dwelled not on drug addiction as something to gawk at, but addiction as a human condition not-very-far-from-where-we-all-exist. I’m not sure why I missed it (Cannes best Actress 2004), but I’m glad it was front and center on the shelf at Film is Truth.