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Competitive Thinking

Sometimes it’s fun to address user-submitted questions, from a competitive perspective. No two people think the same, and competition is all about anticipating the oher guy’s actions and beating her to the profits.

If you have an issue you think would benefit from some additional competitive perspective, consider submitting it via this form. I will take some of the submissions and turn them around as blog posts, addressing them competitively from my own perspective, and opening up the blog post for additional comments from readers.

A note on Confidentiality:

I’d be happy to treat your communications confidentially, if you prefer. I can make no guarantees about the security of WordPress, this contact form, Dreamhost web site hosting, or the emails that this form sends to me in clear-text across the Internet. However, if you ask me to keep what you send me confidential, I will do my best, to the same extent that you do your best. In other words, I won’t purposefully disclose it if you ask me not to, but if you then disclose it elsewhere, it is no longer confidential.