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John Andrews and Competitive Webmastering

I am a Competitive Webmaster:

Thus begins a blog about competing on the web. Competitive Webmastering: innovating, researching, analyzing, and most importantly ACTING to achieve specific goals using the Internet as a playground, webtools as instruments, and language as navigation. It’s the world’s greatest word game. You can play like you play charades (acting out), or scrabble (careful crafting), or monopoly (cunning trading) but no matter how you choose to play, you will find yourself competing with everyone else. Ultimate Fighting has nothing over [tag]SEO[/tag] and [tag]competitive webmastering[/tag].

Competitive Webmastering. I code PHP and HTML and javascript, but coding is not my passion. I use Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, TopStyle, TextPad, Eclipse, Zend, X-Debug, and dozens of other tools, and I use many of them at the expert level. But again, that is not my passion. My passion is competing on the commercial web.

As an IT manager and then IT Director, I built a small team of professionals and went after the Internet back in 1996. We were not “commercial” but rather non-profit. We were benevolent, working in clinical research seeking cures for diseases and comfort for the disabled. Our goal was not commerce. Our goal was to spread the word, where the word was the product of funded clinical research.

The model of research at that time was propose, get funded, investigate, and then analyze. Eventually, perhaps 5 or 10 years later, scientists would publish the results in scientific journals. The tax-paying public rarely benefitted from the majority of this funded research until many many years after it was completed. Complex academic systems of reward, and a hierarchy of professional and administrative status had arisen out of that system, with every player extracting some value from that information before it was published.

By 1996, the Internet had changed the public citizen. They were no longer compliant customers of inaccessible medical professionals. They had become insatiable consumers of health information, and they used to Internet to find and re-publish the medical information they and others needed. We served them by building web sites and systems for disseminating medical and health information over the web. A very large part of that effort was SEO, especially after Google changed search.

I left the non-profit world in 2003 to pursue my passion for the competitive web, SEO, and citizen media. Competitive Webmastering. We are now on the verge of a new era of independence for commercial webmasters. The tools and methods are evolving faster than ever before. The opportunities are abundant for those willing to work hard and maintain enough transparency to survive, yet enough stealth to compete. Those who can remain competitive.

Who hires a competitive web consultant these days? Fortune 1000 companies hire us to review web site specifications and proposals, to help make sure “search engine friendly” really will be search engine friendly. Lawyers and dentists and accountants hire us to get found in crowded local markets. “Inc. 500” fast-growing companies hire us to counsel their marketing people, and advise their web design firms and ad agencies on SEO. Small business owners call constantly, looking for help as their web sites go up against the big yellow page directories in the search engine results pages; the same yellow pages that take thousands of dollars in fees each quarter for a simple static yellow page advertisement.

I am available as a web consultant and seo, but encourage you to read my articles so you understand some of what I bring to the table. Of course feel free to contact me.

Seminars and training course in Competitive Webmastering: I have several seminars I keep current and present to small groups on request. If you are interested in any of these, let me know using the contact form below. I also offer public seminars on Competitive Webmastering in Denver, Colorado (DTC area), New York City and Northern New Jersey (Meadowlands area), Seattle (University District) and Bellingham, Washington (30 minutes from Vancouver, BC CA).

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