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What does Creativity have to do with SEO?

Wow. What a question!

In 1980 the United States Olympic Hockey team defeated the best hockey teams in the world for the Olympic Gold Medal. The US players were amateurs. Most were just out of college. None were professionals, while virtually all of the players on the Czech, Soviet, Swedish and other powerhouse teams were seasoned professionals. The soviets were known as the greatest hockey team *ever*. We beat them. We beat the Big Red Machine. “We” beat them all.

Coach Herb Brooks beat the greatest hockey teams in the world with a team of youngsters who had only practiced together for 7 months before the Olympics. The recipe for success according to Brooks: Speed. Flow. Creativity.

Take a look at the SERPs in Google or Yahoo! Who holds the top spots? As often as you see “BigMedia” like, wikipedia, Travelocity or Expedia, you see small businesses ranking for top keywords. How do they do that? How do they compete with the million dollar budgets of the big boys? Herb Brooks got it right: Speed. Flow. Creativity.

Your seo consultant should be one of the smartest, most creative individuals you know. Your seo consultant should be able to speak with your web team and Internet strategists, not at them or over them. If you have a good team, how will your seo consultant lead if not through creativity?

Innovation. Smart thinking and eager, creative execution, powered by your team or a selected team of professionals. That is how you get to the top of the search engine results pages, and that is how you stay there. That is how we get there.

Tell me your thoughts. How we might approach improving your standings in the SERPs. It’s free.