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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Motorola Ringtones, AdSense profits and Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimizers (SEOs) concern themselves with monetization. Monetization can include AdSense, but usually the SEO is not too concerned with AdSense because AdSense pays so little. However, once the webmaster is dedicated to monetizing with AdSense, a whole genre of SEO kicks into gear. A Made For AdSense (MFA) site is a very unique […]

Google Knows You’re a Blogger

I’m pretty tired of seeing so many otherwise intelligent people say that if you want to SEO get a standard blog platform and write good titles, use keywords, etc. At least one high-profile failed ex-SEO even tells bloggers they don’t need SEO (and then tells them to do all that SEO stuff on their blogs). […]

Mark Cuban asks for ideas?

Mark Cuban asks for ideas on getting people to go see a movie in his post “The Movie Business Challenge“. I have some ideas, but they are not brilliant ideas. They are basic concepts of business. I think his assumption that people don’t want to go see movies is flawed. They do. Or at least […]

Google Christine Dolce Madness

I have lectured more than one person on Google specificity this year, but I can only suppose I’m not a good lecturer because nobody wants to believe me. Read my lips: Google wants to pigeon hole your page. Accept it, find the trust, and exploit it. A fool with conviction is an easier mark than […]

Once a scammer, always a scammer?

On the web you get to pick your audience. If you are brick & mortar, and you move online, your audience is defined for you. But Internet pure-plays like, oh, say a blogger self-help site, get to pick their audience. Look at the blogger community as a pie, and grab a slice. So do you […]

MySpace Girls get Suicidal

In a flip of the words, look at the hit count for mentions of suicide on MySpace: Google shows 29.1 million pages for Google shows 1.86 million of those include the word “suicide” If you remove “goth” you still get 1.75 million, so that’s not it. Adding “depressed” didn’t do much to the count […]

SEO Audits. Are they any good?

SEO Audits. I wonder, are they any good? I am sometimes asked to do audits, but I have declined. Something about the idea bothers me. I can certainly see how SEO Audits could be good for the SEO, but are they good for the typical seo audit requesting customer? Who asks for audits, anyway? When […]

HitTail: it’s not SEO, it’s PR. Really.

A PR guy says “this is not SEO. Really. It’s not SEO. Nope.” What does that tell you? I have been interested in the cross roads of PR (public relations) and SEO for some time, but I have not seen a decent move from the PR guys lately so I wondered if they were capable. […]

Suicide Girls get MySpace

I was asked for an example of a non-MySpace person doing a good job using MySpace for marketing. I looked around. I saw plenty of bad MySpace pages. They sort of look like Web1.0 pages in a Web2.0 world…stiff, stodgy, unstyled. And then I found someone had a Suicide Girl as her MySpace friend. Wow. […]


‘Nuff said.

Is it REAL, or is it LinkBait?

These days you can never be sure, and just about everything seems to be LinkBait. Enter Nice idea, but is it LinkBait? PromotionTraders is a marketng site about swapping services. Write a blog post for someone else, and they write one for you. Swap links (obviously) and also swap SEO for design, or design […]

“Shoot the Pop Star and get Free Ringtones”

We all need to study MySpace. The MySpace generation needs to study it, because it represents the evolution of the “do your best to fit in” challenge. You are a dork by default, unless you can be accepted by the cool kids. How to be accepted is a cruel game, with no real rules. You […]

I’m a technologist blogger writer artist Internet guy bum.

Since I re-started this blog under my own name I have been reading a few more blogs than usual. It dawns on me that this Internet thing that transformed our work environments, and transformed our careers, has simply removed inhibitions. The latent artists and writers that failed to “be themselves” but instead went onwards with […]

Googbye WebmasterWorld

Many years ago when I was learning what the web was all about, I found WebmasterWorld. Like everyone else, I found it via the search engines. In fact, once Google was fully operational, I could ask it just about any HTTP question and Google would say “here’s what WebmasterWorld has on that”. I lurked for […]

Graywolf has been drinking the IncrediBill coolaid

“412: Precondition Failed” We’re sorry, but we could not fulfill your request for / on this server. We have established rules for access to this server, and any person or robot that violates these rules will be unable to access this site. Oops. It appears I have pissed off GrayWolf’s server. Or he’s been drinking […]

Fresh Content, because Content is King!

Bah. I just updated a webste sitewide with a single newline character, and watched it “recover” from a Google dump inside 30 days. That’s right, I added a single newline to the template and republished the entire site, reversing the steady downward trend Gogle had delivered for about 3 months. One month later it’s almost […]

PR-based Link Buying no longer Black Hat

Well, when everybody’s doing it, is it Black Hat anymore? Here we go with YAMDHPRO (Yet Another Million Dollar Home Page Rip Off). TagsPage sells words, which are listed as tags, on a tag cloud page. BFD. But the twist is shown at the top of the page. TagsPage uses the same concept as the […]

Almost done with WordPress

I’m almost done with WordPress. This has been tough, using WordPress for the past few weeks. I have always hand-coded my websites, and will continue to do so. It simply doesn’t make sense to use these bloated, slow, complex, and cumbersome CMS programs. As an editor, it’s too slow and unreliable. Firefox crashes under the […]

37Signals: Is it Get Real? Or is it Get Over Yourself?

In my post “37Signals reveals the Secrets of How and Why they disappoint me.. for $19.99” on I said about the “Get real” book: I believe there’s genius in that guy and his homies. but I also expressed my disappointment in their execution of what they said they did. I didn’t see it ringing […]

Is SEO really this easy, or are expectations just that low?

I’ve been noting how many people claim to be doing SEO these days, and wondering about that whole issue of SEO credibility. I’m starting to think that maybe I’ve been watching the wrong horse. Maybe SEO really is that easy these days, because expectations are so low. If you’ve gotten used to seeing 2 visitors […]

Google Says This Is Most Relevant Result (!)

I just did a search for “SEO” on Google. Here is what came back: 2 sponsored listings, which are actually paid advertisements with sales pitches. If you click them, Google gets paid. #1 most relevant result: a set of links to the financial performance of stock market symbol SEO, a paper manufacturer. #2, an […]

Protected: Why I think affiliate program sucks

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. removes nofollow attribute

Threadwatch published a post from Todd Sims of, with Tom stating that is removing the nofollow attributes from all listings effective immediately. I tend to agree with some of the TW comments; that business probably dropped quite a bit when they added those nofollows, creating concern within about the value of […]

Google: The Smartest Guys in the Room

According to Reuters, Web search leader Google Inc. on Thursday posted an industry-leading 110 percent rise in quarterly profits as the company dodged the slowing growth trend that has hurt rivals Yahoo and eBay. Google increased profits 110%, with revenues up 77 percent to $2.46 billion. Reuters compares Google to others, noting it grows 3-4 […]

Do you trust these guys?

OpenDNS is a new service available to web surfers, which promises to “make your Internet work better”. Safer. Faster. Smarter. All for FREE! “The OpenDNS team is improving the safety and speed of the Domain Name System, a fundamental building block of the Internet.” They claim to be “making the Internet a better place.” So […]

Flock Feed Reader – why redirect to FeedBurner?

A friend just asked about getting up to speed with RSS and I sighed. What to suggest… Bloglines is so slow, I’m enjoying Earthlink’s new Feedreader but it’s…well, it’s Earthlink. So why not just put him onto Flock so he can enjoy what a modern browser feels like, and use it for feeds as well? […]

SEO and PR (Public Relations, not Page Rank)

I’ve been succeeding at SEO since 1996 so obviously I have understood the nature of the game as it changed over time. Actually, I never really participated much in the “hard core” SEO of the late nineties, where small technical tweaks earned temporary top ranks. I always played the long term SEO game, where thematic […]

Does PR have the stamina to run with SEO?

Someone calling himself “Daniel R.” has started a blog that explores the integration of Public relations (PR) and SEO. I call him “someone calling himself Daniel R.” because that is part of that I consider a problem with traditional PR when it says it wants to “get” the web. The web is largely about commitment. […]

New Jersey Web Designers Part 2, plus CopyWriters!

Does your web copy (copy writing) read like this web copy (written by a web copywriter)? No. Your copy (or text) probably reads (or is read) more easily than this copy, also known as web content or web page copy. But your web copy is not as keyword rich (web copy with many embedded keywords […]

POST  S E O   S E C R E T   No. 7

Shoemoney, Paris Hilton, and the little man with the red cape in SEO Secret No. 7

POST  S E O   S E C R E T   No. 6

SEO Secret is like Post Secret, but for online marketers. You know who you are. Number 6 i sposted… my how we distort reality with our online personalities….SEO SECRET

Google User Agent Strings and Cloaking

For all those “Black Hatters” out there cloaking Google by User Agent (heh heh) we have one new UA to add to your list. Michael Gray reports that Google is now using yet one more user agent string for it’s AdWords Quality Checker. So, if you are a cloaker and have been using UA strings […]

Feedburner in the Shadow of Google

Feedburner bought BogBeat for analytics, and got a new analytics exec. Everybody is busy watching Google.

Cuttlets are for Sissies

Here come the Cutlets, where are the nuggets? Matt Cutts is a Google employee. He tried to be a leader among SEOs interested in Google, but has failed at that. Instead, he has gathered (some say created) a flock of hyper-aggressive, almost righteous “Cutlets” who listen to his gospel and fill his blog with oddly […]


SEO swag, and how having a passion for what you promote is for sissies. See SEO Secret No 5.

Spin Meisters – it takes one to know one

I have been known to suggest that Matt Cutts of Google likes to foster propaganda that makes competitive webmasters look like evil Black Hat wearing villains hurting the community-owned and all-magnificent public resource known as the Web. I think he loves the idea of “spam” being associated with “search engine”, and has on more than […]

Here Come the MySpace SEOs

This post is a bit premature. But I post it anyway. hell, I can always update it. Here come the MySpace SEOs. Where? Well, I said it was premature. But they will come. And when they do, will you be ready? I am a big fan of newbie SEOs. I was a big fan of […]

Web 3.0 – Now It’s All About MySpace

MySpace. The biggest thing on the net since Instant Messenger. MySpace. The #1 destination on the web if you chop up Yahoo! into separate domains and services. MySpace, where dancing bears and shoveling construction workers can’t hold a candle to embedded video clips and simultaneous ring tone wavs blaring out from dark gray on black […]


I enjoyed creating the first 4 SEO SECRETs so much I moved them to their own page here: SEO SECRET Be sure to click around for the hidden gems. I have more to post already, and some fresh secrets from you all out there.. . . CLICK HERE FOR SEO SECRET (new window) . . […]

Top Rank for Christine Dolce Nude in Yahoo after 2 days

I posted about Chrstine Dolce Naked two days ago. There you go. After just two days, on a poorly-configured blog that is but a week old, on a domain that is about the same age, #1 in Yahoo! for Christine Dolce Nude and #3 for Christine Dolce Naked. Wow, look Mom, I’m an SEO! These […]

Getting Competitive: Think like a Dirty Bastard™

I am a consultant. People hire me to think for them, and communicate my thoughts to them and their “enablers”. They tell me what to ponder, and I ask that they introduce me to their people (those enablers… the people who work for them, you know, enabling them to be rich and successful and whatnot). […]

How Big is Randfish’s Tool?

Seattle SEO guy Randfish has published a new tool that analyzes your web page and computes a score that may be more indicative of “strength” than Google’s infamous PageRank. I visited the site, and ran the tool. This blog is brand new, and Google gves it a Page Rank (toolbar) of one big fat ZERO. […]

Free Press Releases

Here’s the list of obvious ones, to which I will add more over time: PR Free Press Zoom Press Base Express Press Release Distribution Press World Open PR Free Press Release Free News Release I Newswire Newswire Today

Christine Dolce Nude, and Why I love the field of SEO

I studied engineering. I chose bioengineering, because it was the hardest most interesting. I got a master’s degree and then went for the Ph.D. For that, I chose electrical & computer engineering because it was the hardest most challenging interesting. My dissertation topic was in brain imaging. I chose brain imaging because it was so […] posts ad for “SEO Manager”

Natasha over at ThreadWatch nailed it today with her commentary on corporations seeking SEOs as employees. In “Everyone and their momma wants to hire an SEO these days” she says: As someone who recently went Corporate, I gotta say, it wasn’t difficult finding a job. The difficult part was finding a company that “got it”. […]

POST  S E O   S E C R E T   #4

Adapted from “Lonely” sketch by Amir Khella

POST  S E O   S E C R E T   #3

POST  S E O   S E C R E T   #2

Search and Win! Bling Bling Blingo!

Blingo.comĀ  Search and win prizes! And clicking the sponsored links won’t increase your chances of winning! Really! It Won’t! Tip #5: Clicking links doesn’t help. Clicking links, whether they’re sponsored links or search results, will not help you win. …We hope you’ll find them useful, but Blingo offers no incentives or rewards for clicking on […]

POST S E O  S E C R E T  #1

SEO Secret. Like, only better. You know you want to confess.

Google Competitive Intel – for free

It can be very interesting (and entertaining) to watch experts at competitive intelligence at work. Especially when they are racing to compete with each other. Why, it practically makes CI a spectator sport! Seriously, when the target is Google, any new info rapidly becomes the target of competitive intel research by some of the most […]

SEO Consulting – nice rant Jason!

Jason Brown is an online marketing person and independent SEO consultant in Brandenburg, Kentucky. He has obviosuly spent some time dong SEO for clinets, because this rant is very, very true.

The SEO Process

SEO is a process, and now Lee Odden highlights it for us again with a BusinessWeek reference. But really, SEO as a business is about managing customer expectations more than it is about ranking in the SERPs. And the more you talk about process (instead of rank) the more you are softening the demands on […]

How easy is Black Hat SEO?

Let’s say you learn of a Drupal security flaw. Let’s say it permits an unauthorized SQL injection. Let’s say you figure out how to insert a backlink into the Drupal link list using that exploit. Drupal is a popular Open Source content management system, in use on hundreds of thousands of websites. Itis very good, […]

Web Hosting Information – from the gut

Update 7/21/2006: I am now recommending BlueHost for hosting. Check it out. From the first read, I like Daw’s blog. I will go back and read more, especially as he writes more on public relations, from his perspective as an independent web host. I’m guessing he works for BlueHost: To provide good service means to […]

Coca-Cola Secret Formula is a Reminder

This week Coke and Pepsi cooperated in an investigation that led to the FBI arresting 3 alleged conspirators. They allegedly conspired to sell secret Coke information to Pepsi. One of them worked for Coca-Cola in an administrative role. The news is big, because the payout was in the millions. The finer print reveals that the […]

SEO : the new door-to-door job

Everybody and his cousin is an SEO… It’s an old conversation in search marketing. Today, everybody is an SEO. Everywhere you look someone is promoting themselves as a search engine optimizer, or an seo consultant, or an seo expert. Today I found a small series of articles by a new upcoming SEO that really intrigued […]

Stealth Link Building via Open Source Contributions

As I waited the two or three minutes WordPress2 needs to post a small edit to this blog, I wondered why I was so casual about ripping backlinks out of the WordPress templates I downloaded yesterday. That issue is blog-worthy, I think. So this time, I smartly opened a second tab before hitting “save”. So […] use of nofollow clarified. Has Google spoken?

Lane Soelberg, the Vice President of Marketing for, has responded and clarified the use of nofollow on Lane posted to Threadwatch that: Featured Listings are operating under a pay-per-click model on, and have been tagged with the nofollow attribute. Paid Inclusion listings are reviewed by editors, and so deemed “trusted”, and not […] gets competitive with nofollow attribute

Today the SEO world noticed that has added “no follow” attributes to many of their listings. Since is a major player in the “important back links” game, this is significant. A nofollow attribute is read by Google as a signal that the link is not to be trusted as a recommendation for the […]

Competitive Webmastering Blog

Thus begins a blog about competing on the web. Innovating, researching, analyzing, and most importantly ACTING to achieve specific goals using the Internet as a playground, webtools as instruments, and language as navigation. It’s the world’s greatest word game. You can play like you play charades (acting out), or scrabble (careful crafting), or monopoly (cunning […]