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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Google Christine Dolce Madness

I have lectured more than one person on Google specificity this year, but I can only suppose I’m not a good lecturer because nobody wants to believe me. Read my lips: Google wants to pigeon hole your page. Accept it, find the trust, and exploit it. A fool with conviction is an easier mark than […]

Once a scammer, always a scammer?

On the web you get to pick your audience. If you are brick & mortar, and you move online, your audience is defined for you. But Internet pure-plays like, oh, say a blogger self-help site, get to pick their audience. Look at the blogger community as a pie, and grab a slice. So do you […]

MySpace Girls get Suicidal

In a flip of the words, look at the hit count for mentions of suicide on MySpace: Google shows 29.1 million pages for Google shows 1.86 million of those include the word “suicide” If you remove “goth” you still get 1.75 million, so that’s not it. Adding “depressed” didn’t do much to the count […]