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Monthly Archives: August 2006

Google says you don’t need a web site any more

You don’t need a web site any more These days, everybody needs SEO. Why? Because they need traffic, and the only traffic many business web sites get these days is the traffic that the search engines send to them. And of the search engines sending that traffic, Google sends the most by far. So the […]

Google-proof Javascript Redirect

I think I have discovered the Holy Grail of SEO this time. A javascript redirect that Google can’t detect. Do you know what that means? It means you can put up almost 10,000 pages of keyword spam nonsense, interlink it on keyword anchor tags, and add this javascript redirect on every one of those pages […]

Telegraph steals blogger content?

Copyblogger is reporting that a Telegraph post attributed to telegraph writer Melissa Whitworth was actually copied exactly from the mediabistro blog, where it was published days ago. That’s wholesale copy of the entire first-person blogging, with no attribution, and beneath the byline of a telegraph reporter. Why was it discovered so fast? She must have […]