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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Google Goes Dark – Webmasters go out of business

Google went “dark” yesterday, accordng to the AP news. They quote a Google statement, which of course includes note of services like AOL and YouTube having such issues in the past. No big deal, right? just use Yahoo! for search, right? Not right. Let’s assume this is a problem getting to Google domains from Comcast, […]

That’s not angry. Let me show you ANGRY!

Eric Eggertson over at Mutually-Inclusive PR apologizes for sometimes being a “pissed off”, angry customer. He outlines some good perspective for companies to note. He says he’s angry for a reason, he knows their script and wants attention, not canned responses. He even posted a laserized portrait of himself with red eyes, to make his […]

Ban my AdSense Account? Not so Fast Google!

There is a thread going on over at an seo blog (you can follow it at Threadwatch) that claims you can get anyone’s AdSense account banned by messing around with it on a domain that violates the GoogleRules. It’s also in Digg, which makes me suspicious. These days when I see a Digg link I […]