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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Google Goes Dark – Webmasters go out of business

Google went “dark” yesterday, accordng to the AP news. They quote a Google statement, which of course includes note of services like AOL and YouTube having such issues in the past. No big deal, right? just use Yahoo! for search, right? Not right. Let’s assume this is a problem getting to Google domains from Comcast, […]

That’s not angry. Let me show you ANGRY!

Eric Eggertson over at Mutually-Inclusive PR apologizes for sometimes being a “pissed off”, angry customer. He outlines some good perspective for companies to note. He says he’s angry for a reason, he knows their script and wants attention, not canned responses. He even posted a laserized portrait of himself with red eyes, to make his […]

Ban my AdSense Account? Not so Fast Google!

There is a thread going on over at an seo blog (you can follow it at Threadwatch) that claims you can get anyone’s AdSense account banned by messing around with it on a domain that violates the GoogleRules. It’s also in Digg, which makes me suspicious. These days when I see a Digg link I […]

Where are the Public Relations Firms?

Michael Gray on Long Island notes that a Google search for “spinach” produces not one crafted public relations effort, despite almost a week of breaking news about e-coli contaminations of spinach, advisories to destroy purchased bagged spinach, and concern about the image of organic foods and farmers following this public health threat. A “spinach” query […]

Zappos, the SEO/SEM Business

It is rare these days that I encounter an acknowledgement that SEO (or more broadly, Search Engine Marketing SEM) is a fundamental in online commerce. In my business, that’s a given – most of us who practice what we preach choose to do so in markets where SEO makes optimal sense. We actually pick markets […]

Microsoft Mouse: A Symptom?

This week Microsoft unveiled a new ergonomic mouse. It was a long time ago that microsoft unveiled their first mouse, and that coincided with the promotion of Windows, the new graphical operating system that moved users away from their keyboards and into repetitive finger clicking. Selling that mouse was clearly in the best interests of […]

Counter to Google

A few years ago I attended the MIT Research Director’s Conference. The Research Director’s Conference is part of the MIT Industrial Liason Program, which provides member companies with access to MIT’s research labs and staff. I have worked with two companies that participated in the ILP, and each spent considerable money to belong so that […]

About dot com — not a bad idea

Sometimes the most obvious competitive tactic goes unexecuted, and sometimes it’s because while we know it would be good for us, we don’t appreciate just how good for us it could be. Enter the “about dot com” page. If you have a .com site, you need to have an About site. It’s a separate website, […]

Google bans site after unsavory cartoon portrayal of Matt Cutts

A Google engineer created an algorithm which banned an SEO website after the site published a cartoon lampooning Matt Cutts, one of Google’s highest-profile “engineers”. The site, known as SEO Idiot and run by “paul”, previously an AdSense publisher, and previously in good standing, featured a cartoon depiction of Google personality Matt Cutts as well […]

thoughts > /dev/null

Out of curiousity, I sometimes track seo relationships on the web. Of course there are the one-long-page testimonial people, all incestuous and “professional” in their scams. And the evangelicals, who seem to align with the White Hat Society more often than not. Of course we know the bad boys and girls at ThreadWatch, with their […]

“We’re part of a much larger conversation”

Yeah, so am I. I’m part of a really large conversation called the Internet. Am I the only one in SEO world staring in disbelief at ClaimID, which turned a third-party links page for SEO into a Web 2.0 business? If you’re not a search person, skip the rest of this. It might be misleading. […]

Have you claimed your FREE online cell account?

I just read about HP’s board hiring investigators to find the source of a boardroom leak, and admitting that pre-texting was used by the investigators to obtain the cell phone records of reporters and board members. Pre-texting is the name given to a social engineering technique – you call the phone company and pretend to […]

I love Starbucks, but not for the Coffee

Starbucks is a wonderful invention. Coffee house for those who need a coffee house, meeting place for those who need a meeting place, and mobile office for those of us who like to work and meet people in a coffee house. I spend about $200/month in Starbucks, not including the funds I add to Starbucks […]

Walk your client out of the meeting, or I will

Here’s a competitive intelligence tip for all you Starbucks Mobile professionals (especially the wanna-be SEO types): walk your client to her car next time. Never, ever be the first to leave. You probably won’t listen to me if I suggest you keep your voice lower, not discuss tactical or strategic issues in a public forum, […]

Danny Sullivan Handcuffs

Danny, Danny, Danny,…tsk tsk… what did you do to deserve handcuffs? Mr. Sullivan (Danny to most SEOs) was “handcuffed” but is now free. And while some call them Golden Handcuffs, and others call Danny Sullivan’s handcuffs “pink fluffy handcuffs” or “pink furry handcuffs“, they are, nonetheless, handcuffs. The Danny Sullivan handcuffs link love will outlast […]

MSN Adcenter Behavioral Targeting

Aaron Wall noted on ThreadWatch that MSN is now offering advertisers the opportunity to target ads using knowledge of the users prior search habits. The general press release is easy to find, but as Aaron notes: I can see this being beneficial for ads on content websites about noncommercial topics, but I can’t imagine this […]

Nobody wants to be a Tool

To define “tool” check definition #2  here and Wikipedia here. Nobody likes to be a tool (or a fool), but it maybe worse to be shown you have been (or are) a tool.  In fact, experiencing the sensations of someone showing you how you’ve been cheated is worse than being cheated. Ever been fooled? Sure […]

The Google Marketing Train

I just posted a note to ThreadWatch that I feel Google becoming the next Microsoft: a company that throws it’s muscle behind numerous new initiatives which it may never follow through with, because the threat of Google going there stifles competitive innovation. And then I read this about Google calendar, which we all heard of […]

Meta tags don’t matter, robots is easy, and other SEO myths

I’m tired from trying to get my Digital Video Recorder (Canon Optura200MC) to actually make a video on my computer. If only it was as easy as they made it look when I bought it. It’s certainly not as easy as setting up robots.txt. Or is it? As a consultant I charge by the hour. […]